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Real Estate Consultant Bellissimo homes realtors Nigeria
- Helped investors and direct buyers make appropriate decisions based on relevant information
- Prospected for new commercial and residential real estate deals
- Conferred closely with clients to understand needs and financial means related to planned property purchases
- Cultivated strong client connections, building trust to foster loyalty and long-term business connections.
- Played integral role in sales process by effectively leveraging property and proposals expertise.
- Drafted and reviewed contracts, purchase agreements, deeds and leases.
- Steered real estate negotiations to serve client interests and achieve favorable terms
-Worked with real property databases and Software tools to compile and model current property data.
Offered expertise in profit optimization strategies such as deferring maintenance and repairs.
- Facilitated team operations through effective technical support and troubleshooting
- Managed real estate transactions from initiation to closing
- Advertised properties to general public via networking, brochures, ads and multiple listing services to maximize exposure.
- Maximized market share by working with clients and building
Served as local real estate expert. advising customers on market
dynamics and home prices
- Advised prospective clients on current market activities and optimal
buying or selling choices
-called or emailed lapsed clients to inquire about continuing needs
-coordinated appointments with prospective buyers to showcase houses
and plots.
Showed residential properties and explained features . value and benefits of available homes
- Attended progress meetings and cold call sessions to home lead generaton skills.
Acquired new customers, counseled clients and identified purchasing needs to deliver relevant real estale investments.
- Promoted property sales through advertisements, open houses and participation in multiple listing services.
Maintained current and accurate CRM database of prospective customers.
- Facilitated real estate purchases by reviewing listings, accompanying client's to properties and communicating sale conditions

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Real estate investment firm
Real estate lawyer
Property management company)

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