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Real estate investment in Lagos appreciates more than 100%. 27yrs is the median age of first-time home buyers in Lagos. Even if you do anything else for starters, buy some lands with common sense!

OVA Deluxe Property® a.k.a DeluxebyOVA® is a fast growing Nigerian real estate investment, development and management company — that provides housing solutions to interested and intentional individuals and corporate organizations. Our real estate projects are in prime location across the country with access to development such as Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Ogun, Owerri, Enugu, Ekiti, Port Harcourt, and Ilorin – we have growing partnership with couple of Ghana and UAE luxury homes and apartment beyond the shore of Nigeria. The focus of the company is creation of high-quality residential and commercial properties including industrial and agricultural real estate, as well as bespoke design solutions. The company have a reputation for providing affordable real estate to every pocket as well as recognizing and developing the talents of their staff, placing a strong emphasis on employee development and engagement. We are commitment to sustainability, innovation and technology whistle contributing to the development of the communities and African continent. While its mission is to provide innovative, sustainable, and affordable real estate solutions to everyone including African continent.

OVA Deluxe Property® is renowned for its impressive delivery of quality residential, commercial including industrial properties in prime and strategic landmark - sales of properties, all around serene environments having great investment profitable number with potential for more.

We focus on your DOCUMENTATION, and ALLOCATION and provide you with the good titled property including:
- Certificate of Occupancy
- Governors Consent
- Gazette
- Right Of Occupancy
- Court Judgment
- Approved Government Excision
- Free Hold
- Registered Survey
- Deed of Assignment
documents that are all verifiable.

We envision a big future to be recognized as leader in real estate sector; bringing safe investments, affordable and high-quality property development, brokerage, four star facility management, and general contractor where everyone has opportunity to participate and experience peace of mind while maintaining best customer service satisfaction and transparency as we are commitment of excellence and quality in our industry by our trusted partners, stakeholders, advisors, and clients.

Our mission is to “add significant value beyond exchange of money with peace of mind”. Providing affordable real estate ownership to every interested and intentional individuals and corporate bodies without breaking the bank. We believe every on deserve a shelter called home, and a piece of the earth in their names – we are existing for you to make that happen.

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Property Education
Sales of Luxury Houses
Sales Of Documented Lands
Short-let Apartments
AirBnB Accommodation
Architectural Service
As-Built Drawing Sales
Interior Design / Decor
Property Developer
Commercial Real Estate / Lease
Special Rent Request
General Contractor / Services
Facilities Management
Real Estate Consulting

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The Team

Gbémilékè  V. A.
Gbémilékè V. A.
Former Lead Consultant

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