Doris Properties Limited


- **Business Focus:** Engaged in the real estate industry, offering comprehensive services both within and beyond Nigeria.
- **Client-Centric Approach:** Committed to delivering value-added services to a diverse range of public and private corporate entities.
- **Proactive Strategy:** Employing a proactive approach to structure and deliver tangible benefits in real time to clients.
- **Partnership Development:** Cultivating strategic partnerships with clients, exceeding expectations, and fostering sustainable success.
- **Dynamic and Customer-Centric:** Embracing dynamism and a customer-centric ethos to ensure unparalleled service.

**Our Vision**
To establish and evolve into a world-class real estate service company, providing professional services of gold standards that are unmatched in the industry.

To deliver seamless services by upholding the highest standards of professionalism, continually striving to surpass the expectations of all stakeholders.

**Core Competences**
- **Professionalism:** Upholding the highest standards of professional conduct.
- **Our People:** Recognizing the importance of our team in delivering exceptional services.
- **Information Technology:** Leveraging advanced technology to enhance our services.
- **Culture:** Fostering a culture of excellence and client satisfaction.


- **Property & Sales Advice:** Expert guidance on property transactions and sales strategies.
- **Market Assessment and Analysis:** In-depth evaluation and analysis of market dynamics.
- **Asset Disposal Programmes:** Tailored strategies for efficient asset disposal.
- **Development Feasibility Studies:** Comprehensive studies to assess the feasibility of development projects.
- **Acquisition of Development Sites:** Facilitating the acquisition of prime development sites.
- **Sales, Purchase & Leasing:** Handling transactions for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.
- **Property and Asset Management:** Efficient management of properties and assets for optimal returns.
- **Land & Property Auctions:** Organizing auctions for land and property sales.
- **Arrangement of Joint Capital Partners:** Facilitating collaborations with capital partners.
- **Joint Venture:** Collaborating with developers on high-rise and broad-acre land development projects.)

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