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At Own A Home, we help you grow wealth through real estate investment without hassles, no 'omo-onile' wahala. We also make your homeownership dream become a reality by helping you own a home with peace of mind without breaking the bank. Please be aware that we have properties across Nigeria & in Dubai.

We sell verified properties , convenience and peace of mind.

For inspection and on how to make payment, quickly call us on 08073938558 now❗


1. 'Buy & Build'. When you buy a house or buy land from us & build for example, you can let it out to tenants & within a decade or 2, you would have recovered your investment & you'll continue to enjoy rental incomes for the rest of your life or sell at a later date at good ROI.

2. 'Buy & Wait'. Here, you buy the land in a choice location & wait for it to appreciate before you sell.

3. Referral System. This gives you the opportunity to build your own income-generating asset at very low risk & very low financial commitment. You keep earning on your efforts & on the efforts of others up to the 3rd level. I hear someone says, I'll rather earn 1% each from 100 people than earn 100% from only my own effort'. Makes sense, right?

4. 'Help to Buy' scheme: Also called ''Rent to Own'. Why Buy when you can own?🤔 With a minimum payment, we help you buy your own house, allow you to take possession & start living in the house while spreading balance over a certain period.

5. 'Buy to Sell'. Also called Land banking. Here, you invest with the Company & become a co-developer. You're given your receipt, contract of sale & issued a postdated cheque to the tune of your money with 30-40%ROI p.a. as guarantee. However, you can opt to collect your ROI upfront just like Treasury Bills.
Depending on the invested sum, you're sometimes issued an insurance certificate. At maturity, you return the documents & cash your cheque without stress. In addition, during promos, you can get mouth-watering incentives like all-expenses-paid trips abroad, laptop, phones, refrigerators, washing machines, dispensers, generators converters etc

Changing one's financial status has never been this real & convenient. Invest with smiles🙂

Kindly let us know how & where you'll like to partner with us so we can give you more information.

We look forward to having you onboard & to working with you again.

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For enquiries: leave a comment or cal 08073938558l now.

Thank you for your business & recommendations. Together for good 🤝.


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