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Welcome to Treasure Shama Limited®, where dreams become reality in the realm of real estate. As seasoned Property Consultants and Trainers, we specialize in Sourcing, Investment, and Advisory services to guide you on your investment journey.

Our inception in the real estate sector in 2017 was fueled by a regrettable incident when one of our staff lost two properties in Lagos due to a lack of due diligence. This experience ignited our commitment to ensuring that others don't fall victim to similar pitfalls. Since then, we've immersed ourselves in the real estate space, undergoing rigorous training and forming partnerships with reputable companies

As network Realtors in progress, Treasure Shama Limited has successfully closed numerous deals, offering genuine, quality, and affordable properties to a multitude of satisfied investors. Our clients revel in the ongoing prosperity of their investments, as real estate continues to appreciate even while they sleep.

Investing in real estate is a non-negotiable value at Treasure Shama Limited. It's a pathway to wealth-building, ensuring that your property appreciates over time. It's never too late to embark on this journey; seize the opportunity and invest with us today.

Treasure Shama Limited stands as a beacon in the real estate industry, providing authentic, quality, and affordable housing and land properties to the people. Remember, it's never too late to start – invest with confidence, invest with Treasure Shama Limited today!

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We render prophesional and general real estate services nation wide)

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