Commercial Property (MY23042)
Yenagoa, Bayelsa Area
Skippers fast foods

General Features
  • Cable TV installed
  • Intercom
External Features
  • Access Gate
  • Elevator
  • Garage
  • Generator
Internal Features
  • All Rooms Ensuite
  • Family Tv Room
  • Guest Toilet
Skippers fast foods, bayelsa outlet is a two storey building with basement. It sits on 10 plots of land, 8 of which had been used in building the fast food. The remaining 2 plots of land is located at the back of the building. It has an elevator house provision. The outlet has: 1. Backyard this is the 2 plots of land that has not been developed. It is well sand-filled and graded. The level of the filling can be seen by comparing the floor level in the vicinity with it. 2. Back of main building the following are situated there: a. Automated water treatment plant of 5,000. Litre capacity with tank stand and reservoirs. For portable water. B. Generator houses that contain 2 generator set( 220kva and 100kva). C. A transformer house with designated. Transformer for the company. D. A utility building with designated rooms for: grinding, washing, buttery and a wells spaced dinning room for staff canteen. 3. Basement it serves as the kitchen. It has a solid foundation that was built by using: bore pile, pile cap and raft bin to the window level. It is a centralized kitchen but departmentalized. It has a wide open working space. It has a utility store. There is access to the elevator. 4. 1st floor this is the lobby, fashionably demarcated. With granite counter. The lobby can accommodate 60 people. It has 2 separate toilets. It has 2 dinning wash-hand basin. Conspicuously paced on granite counter. It has stainless spiral staircase case that leads to 2nd floor. It has an attached utility room. It has access to the elevator door. 5. 2nd floor this is event hall that can accommodate 120 people. It has 2 separate customers' toilet. It has 2 dinning wash-hand basin conspicuously placed on granite counter. It has an attached utility room. It has access to elevator door. 6. 3rd floor it is the office floor and contains : - 2 office suite (office attached with toilet). - 5 single office. - 1 long hall designated as dry store; with access to elevator door. - 2 staff toilets. - 2 staff cloak rooms. 7. Roof top this is the decking of the building protected with u. C. Screening. It is an open space for general purpose. It has of equal size with the event hall.
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