2 Bedroom Bungalow for Sale in Warewa, Arepo

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Warewa, Arepo, Ogun area for Sale Bungalows, Houses
Warewa, Arepo, Ogun area for Sale Bungalows, Houses
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Listed: 13 Mar '17 05:19
Important Features
Shared Swimming Pool, Bedrooms: 2, Bathrooms: 2, Toilets: 3, Garages: 3
opportunity to buy now 'Gardens Estate

An opportunity to buy this modern 2 bedroom semi detached house bulgalow and fantastic opportunity to live in the heart of the city without compromise.
The property has been beautifully structure in terms of payment
selling off plane
building construction ongoing
modern sport facility
Estate will full managed will professional
personal compound
this property can also act as an investment for you children
selling at low price
show flat will be available June 2017

The Title to the property is an Ogun State Govt of Nigeria Certificate of Occupancy 2015 registered as show me with the Ogun State Registry. Potential buyers can conduct their title search with those details
When will my home be ready for occupation?

T.A Gardens will be fully ready for occupation within twenty-four months from January 2017Is there a flexible payment plan for homes in T.A Gardens?
Yes. Flexible payment structure is within 18 to 24 months. For customized repayment structure, please contact

well as bringing style and modern touches throughout. With four bedrooms, two bathrooms, two reception rooms and an amazing private walled garden to the rear. You will not want to miss out on owning an amazing home.

It is expected that the estate will be fully habitable within the next 18 to 24 months. However, it will not be unexpected to see some occupied units within one year
A breakdown of the various types of units and how they will be zoned within the estate.
. The Layout is flexible and hence zoning will be done after we have about 150 subscribers. This is in order to maintain the aesthetics and functionality of the estate as against drawing rigid lines which may or may not work depending on the house types demanded by buyers

A description of the nearest access road(s) to the estate and the estate’s proximity to major places of interest e.g. Airport, hotels etc.
The property is on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. It’s about 10 mins drive from the old Toll Gate by 7UP and 17.6Km from Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja
What title will I receive when I purchase a home in T.A Gardens?
Home owners in T.A gardens shall receive good title by a Deed of Assignment which devolves from a Certificate of Occupancy.
What is the current state of development of T.A Gardens?
Civil Infrastructure works is currently on-going. This includes the drains, the roads, landscaping and related activities. See actual pictures by clicking here.

Can I make alterations to the homes after purchase?
Alterations to the External features of the homes will not be allowed. Internal modifications or alterations to suit individual taste is allowed

.How does the price of your property compare with similar ones in the market?
This estate will be the first of its kind on the Lagos Mainland in terms of facilities to be provided, aesthetics, security and ambiance. Comparative pricing with similar properties is therefore very difficult. Even at that, when compared with properties in Grenaldine Homes and Forthright Estates which are in the vicinity, the introductory price of T.A.Gardens are lower

Has the Naira exchange rate volatility been properly taken into account in the determination of the sale price (in Naira) of the units? This is especially if Naira were to further depreciate against foreign currencies would there be price changes as we move along?
We have been in this industry for 27 years and appropriate mitigants for exchange rate fluctuations have been put in place. Once a deposit is made, the price is fixed for the buyer. Price changes can only affect those who have not made any commitment as at the time of price adjustment

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