3 Tips on Keeping Your Property Secure

  | 2 min read

Over the years there has been a drop in home robbery cases. Most of us will remember the time when robbers were confident enough to send letters notifying residents of their visit to steal. However, it is still essential to ensure you take steps to keep your home safe and avoid actions that could make your property look lucrative to thieves

Below are tips you can use to keep your family and property safe.

Avoid Advertisement
Living a loud life might attract thieves who are normally on the lookout for carefree display of wealth. Avoid making it obvious that you own things worth stealing in your home. For instance a cardboard box of an HDTV left outside your home leaves the impression that there is something of value in the house which can be catered away with ease.

Be security conscious
The issue of security is as important as life itself. Ensure you observe steps that guarantee your home is protected from entry of unwanted individuals. Always keep gates and doors locked. Ensure your house key are not left around carelessly and if you have to leave your key behind for other house occupants, do not use the obvious ‘hidden key under footmat option’, be discreet. Develop a security habit of checking all your doors before walking out of your house.

Get to know your neighbours
People living around you can be your helpers in case of an emergency – do not be a snob. Get to know your neighbours as caring neighbours are likely to report suspicious activities around your property.

Use of digital security
Most developed areas have the smart home concept which allows you control and monitor areas of your home remotely. It can help you lock and unlock doors remotely, review videos from security cameras, motion detectors can send you a text or an email if triggered.
This high tech security system is advisable if you can afford it because it keeps the whole house safe.