8 things to consider before renting an apartment

  | 3 min read

For many who have been in and out of apartments, you would agree that finding a new apartment can be a difficult and overwhelming task. It’s also quite common to hear occupants complain about the state of these houses, sadly after they might have moved in, but this can be avoided and brought to a minimum by simply carrying out some background check and asking the right questions before handing your hard-earned money to some agent or landlord. Below are a few salient details you would want to consider before taking any apartment/property.

Type of property

Whether you are looking to lease a flat, an office or a whole building, it pays that you determine the size and amount of space you want. If you are looking to rent a flat for your family, it means you have to consider the space available to fit the size of your family comfortably.


This is the first detail you must consider. What is your choice location? What kinds of people live there? Does it meet your standards? Is it susceptible to flooding? Is there network coverage? These are questions you must answer before moving in.


That means things like proximity to work, children’s school and market is vital. This is so that you arrive at the best of choice that will not adversely affects your lifestyle easier. Truth is that when you rent an apartment out of desperation, you risk being dissatisfied in the long run.


This is very essential. You must try to find out how secure the area is and the property itself, check if the doors, windows are vulnerable. What of the neighborhood, immediate surrounding? Check if the fences and walls are secure.


What’s your budget for it? Is it within your budget or above it? Can you afford to keep up the rent conveniently? Answering these questions only puts you in a position where you avoid unnecessary financial constraints. That means that with a budget in view you are able to avoid financial pitfalls that can leave you indebted.

Basic Amenities

One of the reasons why we live in certain places is so that the quality of life we live might be bettered. So find out if there is steady electrical supply in that location? Good roads? Is there clean water supply? Any local supermarket nearby to get things on emergency. Also consider if there is any hospital or medical facility around just in case.

Tenancy Agreement

Most people are guilty of signing or agreeing to certain things without reading or getting a proper understanding of the document or asking the right questions. So you need to read carefully and thoroughly before signing anything. Imagine a tenancy agreement that states the time you must come into the compound, what you must do and not do, that you can’t receive visitors etc. Very ridiculous! So you have to read these documents very well. Most importantly, an agreement should be stated for a 3 or 6 months’ notice before termination of tenancy – many have suffered cruelty at the hands of landlords on this point.

Meet the landlord

As much as it’s common to deal with agents when searching for homes, it’s advisable to meet with the legitimate property owner to avoid falling victim to scammers. It’s very important to have some basic information about the landlord.

I hope these tips would help the next time you need rent an apartment