Ajah Neighbourhood Guide

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Photo of Ajah bridge - Ajah Neighbourhood Guide (1)
The popular Ajah Bridge | Photo Credit: TV360Nigeria

As one of the most popular suburbs in Lagos,  enjoying a close proximity to the ocean, Ajah is a great neighbourhood to raise a family. Cost of living in Ajah is fairly affordable when you consider perks like having access to local markets and steady power supply. It is also rich with handymen and skilled residents whose presence makes living cost-effective. The neighbourhood is also home to decent restaurants, bars, hotels and schools.

Map of Ajah

Ajah-on-Google-Map - Ajah Neighbourhood Guide
Map of Ajah in Lagos | Photo credit: Google Map

History of Ajah

Ajah was largely unoccupied in the past. It was just a vast stretch of grasslands filled with water, trees and a handful of people. The transformation that Ajah witnessed started when Chevron moved in. The company also funds the Lekki Conservation Centre, a 190-acre (0.8-sq-km) sanctuary that protects the flora and fauna of the Lekki Peninsula by promoting sound environmental practices through research and education. Today, there is a lot going on in Ajah especially with the proposed Lekki Free Trade Zone (LFTZ); an investment that hit N100 billion in March 2017. With investments from Dangote Group, the China Africa Lekki Investment Limited (CALIL) and other partners, Ajah holds so much promise for you if you’re looking to invest or settle in this neighbourhood.

Lekki-Free-Trade-Zone - Ajah Neighbourhood Guide
A model of the Lekki Free Trade Zone | Photo credit: Lekki Free Trade Zone


Ajah is close to nature and borders with the Atlantic sea. It has the feel of a community that is very closely knit. This is one neighbourhood that gives you an opportunity to enjoy boat rides without necessarily leaving your neighbourhood or covering any great distance.

Open grounds and spaces are abundant in Ajah. It is devoid is high rise buildings, which are common in other parts of Lagos. This means that living in Ajah is relaxing and encourages a healthy lifestyle and living in this neighbourhood affords you an opportunity to eat healthier and exercise much more than you would if you lived in a city centre.

Ajah Neighbourhood Guide
One of Ajah’s many waterfronts | Photo credit: Private Property
A neighbourhood in Ajah | Photo credit: Private property

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Who Lives in Ajah?

Ajah is home to a large pool of middle-class individuals and families who enjoy the friendly spirit of the neighbourhood. The district offers residents and visitors an opportunity to explore the laidback lifestyle.

It would seem that residents of Ajah eat healthy due to the number of merchants who sell fruits and vegetables at several parts of the neighbourhood. Snacking is also a very integral part of the community. When you walk along the sidewalk, you are bound to come across women selling snacks like roasted corn, roasted plantain, fried yam and potatoes, bean cakes and other local snacks.

Ajah Market
The popular Ajah Market | Photo credit: Foodstantly

Essential Amenities

Ajah has an impressive distribution of essential amenities within the neighbourhood. Public transportation, schools, healthcare facilities, restaurants, childcare facilities, electricity and recreational facilities are all available in abundance within Ajah.

Forever Joy Schools in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property


Education is at the heart of life in Ajah. This neighbourhood has a lot of schools. Some of the schools we covered during our visit to Ajah include Forever Joy Schools, Goldline Schools, Evangel School, Ahava Schools, Liberty Bells Schools, Regal Star School and a host of others.

Ajah is also home to the Lagos Business School – Pan Atlantic University, which is famed for its professional certification. The school currently sits on 10 hectares of beautifully manicured greenery along the Lekki-Epe expressway. It is the oldest Pan-Atlantic University and shares a campus with the Enterprise Development Centre of the University in Ajah, Lagos.

Goldine Schools | Photo credit: Private Property
Ahava Schools in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property
Regal-Star-School - Ajah Neighbourhood Guide
Regal Star School in Ajah | Photo credit: Private property
Liberty Bells Schools in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property

Libraries, Coworking Spaces & Study Rooms:

The Lagos Business School is Ajah’s main library and the neighbourhood currently has no private library.

Lagos Business School (LBS) | Photo credit: Lagos Business School

Healthcare Providers

Ajah has an abundance of healthcare providers and pharmacies. Almost all major streets within the neighbourhood have a clinic, hospital or pharmacy. So, you never have to worry about covering a long distance to get medical care. Some of the healthcare providers in Ajah are Lifesurge Pharmacy, Femire Pharmacy, Dove Hospital, DaySpring Specialist Hospital, Shalom Veterinary Clinic, Sherriff Clinic and Crawford Clinic.

Lifesurge Pharmacy in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property


Femire Pharmacy in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property


Dove Hospital in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property


DaySpring Specialist Hospital in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property


Sherriff Clinic in Ajah
Sherriff Clinic in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property
Shalom Veterinary Clinic in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property

Food and Drink

Are you looking for a cool spot, a restaurant, a nice hotel or a lovely bar in Ajah? You have nothing to worry about because there are more than enough to choose from. Restaurants like Chicken Republic, L’ava Lounge Nite Club, L’avalon Hotels, Miami Bar and Restaurant, Tasko Hotel, Heartmosphere Lounge and Bar, Sneakers Suites and Bar, Nat’s Krust Pizza and Habib Yoghurt.

Lava Lounge photo - Ajah Neighbourhood Guide
Lava Lounge | Photo credit: Lava Lounge
A Chicken Republic outlet in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property
L’avalon Hotels in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property

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L’ava Lounge in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property


Chicken Republic restaurant in Ajah
Chicken Republic | Photo credit: About Lagos
Miami Bar and Restaurant in Ajah | Photo credit: Trip Advisor
Tasko Hotel in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property
Heartmosphere Lounge and Bar in Ajah | Photo credit: Lagos Pages
Nat’s Krust Pizza in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property
Habib Yoghurt in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property

How to Get Around in Ajah

Traffic within Ajah is predominantly light. However, making your way out of Ajah or coming into the district requires a good understanding of the timing of traffic build up on the Lekki-Epe Express Road. The commissioning of the Ajah flyover (bridge) has gone a long way in helping to decongest traffic around the neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, Ajah witnesses heavy human and vehicular movement into and out of the neighbourhood, which explains traffic build up in the early hours of the morning and late in the evening; during peak traffic periods.

If you’re looking to travel and leaving from Ajah to the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Ikeja, you should look forward to covering 47 Km (29 miles). If the road is completely devoid of traffic, this would take you 1hr 30 mins. If you, however, get stuck in traffic, you might end up spending 2 to 3 hours on the road.

The popular Ajah park - Transportation in Ajah
The popular Ajah Park | Photo credit: Private Property
The Ajah Bridge a.k.a Jubilee Bridge commissioned in 2017 | Photo credit: Private Property

By Commercial Bus: Commercial buses going in and out of the neighbourhood have a trademark white paint. They mostly transit through major highways like Lekki-Epe Road and are really affordable. A typical bus can carry 14 people at full capacity. Fares are fixed and each bus has a driver and a conductor who sometimes reserves a seat for himself or hangs on the edge of the door while repeatedly calling out the bus’ destination to get more passengers to occupy empty seats in the bus.

Commercial buses in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property

By Motorcycles: Commercial motorcycles also known as ‘Okada’ are a regular part of commuting within the neighbourhood. They are fast and affordable. Over the years, the government has tried to make it safer for both operators and commuters by insisting on the use of helmets and other safety precautions.

Important to Note: Motorcycles are officially banned from the highways across the state by the state government but they are not illegal. Within Ajah, they are allowed operate freely without any restriction.

A-commercial-motorcycle-rider-in-Ajah - Ajah Neighbourhood Guide
A commercial motorcycle operator in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property

By Car: Driving through Ajah is a pleasant experience because the road network within the neighbourhood rarely experiences heavy traffic as seen on the district’s highway.

By Uber/Cabs/Taxis: Taxi rides in and out of Ajah or within the neighbourhood are convenient ways to find your way around the district. The fares for rides within Ajah are particularly modest but if you are leaving the neighbourhood, there is a chance that you would be charged much more depending on how far you’re going. You should always remember to negotiate your fare before the ride begins.

The-Lagos-Metro-Taxi - Ajah Neighbourhood Guide
The Lagos Metro Taxi | Photo credit: Private Property

By Tricycles: This is easily the most popular form of transportation within the Ajah district. They outnumber other commercial means of transportation within Ajah. Commercial Tricycles are considered a fast and reliable means of transportation.

A-commercial-tricycle-operator-in-Ajah - Ajah Neighbourhood Guide
A commercial tricycle operator in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property

By Boat: Ferries and canoe rides are also popular in Ajah. This does not come as a surprise given its proximity to the ocean and the Lagos Lagoon. This form of transportation offers a quick escape to commuters who want to avoid traffic congested highways when heading towards destinations like Ikorodu, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lekki and Apapa.

Ferries and boats in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property
A ferry terminal in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property

Outdoors in Ajah

If you enjoy stepping out of the house for some outdoor activity or to catch a view of the nature-loving side of things, Ajah will keep you refreshed. Let us begin with the seaside and what you should expect. If you fancy a ferry ride to breathe in the ocean breeze then you should consider taking a ride at the Badore Ferry terminal.

Some of the locals also take out time to play a game of football. Where do they find the space for beach soccer? It happens at the Miami Football Pitch as they call it. It’s all sand so the risks of injuries are drastically cut down.

You could also go swimming and there are quite a number of pools in Ajah for your aquatic pleasures. L’ava Lounge  and Megatron Gym are two spots in Ajah where you can always pop in for a good swim.

A game of football at the water-front | Photo credit: Private Property


L’ava Lounge swimming pool in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property

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Shopping in Ajah

Shopping in this neighbourhood offers you malls, stores and supermarkets to shop from and they are largely affordable. What more could you possibly ask for? We should mention that if you ever have a craving for fresh fruits or vegetable, they are virtually everywhere in Ajah especially along the roadside.

Some of the places you could go shopping include Ajah Shopping Mall, Ikota Shopping Complex, Future Edge, Pretty Fits, Blenco Supermarket, Eleganza Shopping Mall, Slot, Jumia Ajah Hub Centre, Alesh Shipping Plaza, Ememos Electronics, Yad Prime SHopping Complex, Lezina Wedding and Boutique in Ajah, Chillat Plaza in Ajah, 3C Hub in Ajah, Eko Farmers’ Mart, Celebrity’s Supermarket, Celebrity Wears and Kids, Essentials Shopping Mall, Ozinga Place, Mega Supermarket and the scores of fruit traders in Ajah.

Future Edge store in Ajah | Photo credit: Future Edge


Pretty Fits Jewelry and Watches Gallery | Photo credit: Pretty Fits
Ozinga Place in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property
Celebrity Wears and Kids in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property
Yad Prime Shopping Complex - Ajah Neighbourhood Guide
Yad Prime Shopping Complex | Photo credit: Private Property
Celebrity’s Supermarket in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property
Essentials Shopping Mall in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property
Lezina Wedding and Boutique in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property
Eko Farmers’ Martin Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property
Mega Supermarket in Ajah
Mega Supermarket in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property
3C-Hub-in-Ajah - Ajah Neighbourhood Guide
3C Hub in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property
Chillat Plaza in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property
Slot store in Ajah
Slot store in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property
A roadside fruit shop in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property
Alesh Shopping Plaza | Photo credit: Private Property

Did You Know?

Miami is a place in Ajah with one of the best views of the Lagos Lagoon from the Badore axis of Ajah. The name was derived from the similar coastline it shares with Miami in the United States.

Miami in Ajah | Photo credit: Private Property

Ajah is unique in offering residents an affordable lifestyle far away from hustle and bustle of the Lagos mainland. Ajah is one of the spots in Lagos where you can enjoy of living in a friendly and peaceful neighbourhood.

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