Ways to Avoid Common Architectural Design Fails

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Architectural Design Fails - Private Property

Designing a building is a huge responsibility and for architects and potential homeowners, there is no room for mistakes and architectural design fails. The cost of such mistakes is too grave to consider.

Architectural model - Architectural design fails

Architects find themselves trying to strike a balance between the client’s needs and budget on one side as well as timelines and physics of architecture and building on the other side. Below are 5 ways to reduce the likelihood of architectural design fails.

Effective Communication

One way to avoid architectural design fails is for the architect to communicate plans for the design to the client in a way that he/she understands. We agree that architecture is to a large degree, quite complicated and equally technical but if the eventual design is not on the same page with what the client wants, there will be problems.

Floor plan drawings, for instance, do not tell the client everything he/she wants to know about the personality of the building design. It is the responsibility of the architect to create a realistic visualisation of the design plans for the client. This is where technologically advanced tools like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will play a crucial role.

Architectural Design Fails 3 - Private Property

Weak Management and Leadership

Architects that leave a smile on the faces of their clients are those who take full control of the building project and ensure everything goes as planned. The architect must always ensure that all scheduled, timelines and expectations stay realistic. Rushing a building project will only lead to architectural design fails.

An architect does not work alone, which is why it is vital for him/her to be able to work efficiently with other building professionals including direct contractors.

Managing a building project calls for leadership skills from the architect to ensure everyone involved understand their individual contribution to the collective goal.

Architectural Design Fails 2 - Private Property

Staying Rigid on Initial Plans

There are times when the needs of the client require some changes even when the building project has begun. Great architects are those who make sure the eventual design falls within the circle of precisely what the client wants.

Architectural design flaws are known to stem from architects who struggle to tweak initial plans to reflect what the client wants.

Architectural Design Fails 1 - Private Property

Running Out of Time Can Lead to Architectural Design Fails

It is a standard process for clients to give architects deadlines. The architect also provides a realistic timeline for the completion of the project but some clients are very keen on deadlines and it is the responsibility of the architect to ensure that he/she does not commit to a deadline that is unrealistic.

The implication of committing to a deadline that is unrealistic is that the architects involved find themselves running out of time and rushing the project. Never rush an architectural design. In the worst case scenario, you can ask for more time and explain why you are asking for more time. A short schedule/deadline is a recipe for grave mistakes.

Final Thoughts

It’s important for architects to carry their clients along every step of the way by breaking down technical and professional jargons into a language that they can understand.

The best architects are those who offer their clients a realistic visualisation of what they are working on. It is not enough to explain it. They need to see it, which is why Augmented Reality is playing a huge role in the future of architectural design.

If you are ever in need of architectural design inspiration, you can take a look at masterpieces from architects spread across the continents of the world.

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