7 Stylish Bachelor Pad Ideas For Nigerians

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Bachelor pad - Private Property Nigeria

Living on your own doesn’t mean your space should be totally devoid of the style and pizzazz that should come with a fine bachelor pad. This has absolutely nothing to do with your budget for your apartment – Whether you are on a budget or working with a fat cheque, your style can shine through.

The biggest challenge for most single guys is usually the battle of not knowing precisely how to style the bachelor pad. What you should focus on is designing a space that puts a cool, chic and modern twist to your apartment. To make things easier, we have come up with 7 stylish bachelor pad ideas and options that you can choose from. Take a look at the designs below:

Art collection - Bachelor pad - Private Property Nigeria

Show Off Your Art Collection

If you are fascinated by the arts and you collect them, showing them off in your bachelor pad is a great idea. They give your space a touch a uniqueness. Focus on selecting art pieces that help your room make a distinctive statement.

You can also use it to tell a story or use them to evoke different feelings. When correctly combined, you can create a theme for your home. Such themes can include themes of wildlife protection, nature, technology, life, pure abstract art and so much more.

The colours and hues in your artwork can go a long way in livening up your space. A large piece of art can also fill up an otherwise blank space of bare wall in a way that it completes the space.

Entertainment space - Bachelor pad - Private Property Nigeria

Dedicate Space For Entertainment

At some point, you’re bound to have guests come over. They could come around to see a game of football, to see a movie or might just be popping into the neighbourhood to see you because they haven’t seen you in a while. Ensure you create space for this.

Make your living room as comfortable as you can because this is where guests will spend most if not all their time in your house especially for those who aren’t sleeping over.

Dining space - Bachelor pad - Private Property Nigeria

Dining Space

It’s not okay to just pick up your dinner and eat it in front of the TV or on the living room couch while chatting with friends on social media. Your bachelor pad deserves a well-defined dining space.

The fact that you live alone does not mean you take your dining space for granted. When your parents, uncles, aunts or relatives pay you a visit with their loved ones, are they going to eat in front of the TV as well?

Black theme - Bachelor pad - Private Property Nigeria

Get Daring With Black

Depending on your budget, you can go all out by adding a bold touch of black furnishings to your bachelor pad. You can start with a black custom-made sofa, a blackened-steel console and a black ball chair. The idea here is to reel in the black elements into your bachelor pad. It’s a masculine colour and can transform your pad into a cosy space.

Animal print - Bachelor pad - Private Property Nigeria

Add a Touch of Animal Print

The secret of pulling this off is to ensure that you do not go overboard. A tiny bit of animal print in your bachelor pad can have a very solid impact in your home design. It could be your bedroom or your living room; animal print livens up your space and has the capacity to take it from boring to exciting.

Your choice of animal prints doesn’t have to be tacky with the multitude of stylish options that you have to choose from. It could be the wallpaper or bedding or animal print accents.

Private retreat - Bachelor pad - Private Property Nigeria

Make Room For a Private Retreat

This is your bachelor pad and not a place you share with someone you’re getting to know so you want to ensure it is functional for your lifestyle and preferences.

It’s important that your space gives you the freedom and comfort to relax, unwind and clear your head. You can have a cluster of paintings, a pool table or a bunch of throw pillows that help you relax better. The furnishings you want to focus on are those that appeal to you.

Home automation - Bachelor pad - Private Property Nigeria

Bring in Smart Features

Very few things beat a bachelor pad that is loaded with smart features as well as gadgets and appliances that define your style and taste. If you love large TV screens, get your living room a 55″ smart screen and hook it up to your WiFi. A smart home should look and feel like one. Install a smart doorbell that notifies you via your mobile device when any form of motion is detected at your door. It also helps you communicate with your guests while they are still at the door via an inbuilt microphone. This gadget also captures video footage of your entrance so you can see exactly who is at your door.

Consider opening up your home to automation in a way that reflects your style. Design upgrades like light dimmers, smart thermostats and your home security fall under this.

Final Thoughts on Bachelor Pad Ideas

When designing your bachelor pad, channel your energy, creativity and resourcefulness in having a pad where you can entertain your guests, enjoy your quiet time and cosy enough to call home. Your bachelor pad should be a direct reflection of your style and things that appeal to you.

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