Before and After: Impressive Bathroom Makeover Ideas

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Bathroom Makeover Ideas - Private Property Nigeria

There’s a popular saying that goes: “seeing is believing,” which perfectly captures the importance of visualising a bathroom makeover. Before you remodel your bathroom or give it a makeover, it’s important to have a visual representation of what you want it to look like.

To make it easier for you visualise this transformation, we have compiled several ‘before-and-after’ photos that you can scroll through. These photos represent different themes and remodelling ideas, which should make it easier for you to remodel your bathroom.

1. Boring Bathroom

Boring bathroom - Private Property Nigeria

Are you surprised? Of course, a bathroom can be boring as you can see here. This bathroom was originally designed with old tiles, which appears to have outlived its appeal. The dated vanity also swims into focus. As you can already tell, a proper bathroom makeover would go a long way in giving it a visual and appealing lift.

Boring bathroom remodelled - Private Property Nigeria

After: The bathroom makeover done here is remarkable. It’s a complete redesign. As you can see, the old tiles are gone. The floating vanity throws in the much needed visual space. The new lighting just above the mirror also stands out. It lights up the bathroom with its brightness.

2. Confining Bathroom

Confining bathroom - Private Property Nigeria

This bathroom calls for help. You can see this in more than a few areas – The dark wood cabinet and the blue tiled walls are a complete mismatch. At a glance, it’s not hard to see that this bathroom appears confining and largely dated. What would you have done with this?

Confining bathroom remodelled - Private Property Nigeria

After: During a bathroom makeover, the colours should complement one another. After the remodelling, this is taken care of in this bathroom. You can see it’s far brighter than it was before the bathroom makeover. Surprisingly, it appears to open up with a bit more space. The new wall comes with a calming effect that’s hard to miss. Generally, it has less clutter and visually comes across as more spacious.

3. Stale Bathroom

Stale Bathroom - Private Property Nigeria

Stale as used here does not have a different meaning from what you already know. This bathroom might have been appealing to some people at some point but not anymore. The choice of the colour for the tiled walls could be better, which brings us to the need for a bathroom makeover.

After: After the bathroom makeover, the walls get fresh tiles. You can see that the white version of the wall and floor tiles reflect more light as opposed to the previous tiles. As expected, the room appears bigger and brighter.

Stale Bathroom remodelled - Private Property Nigeria

4. Choked Bathroom

Choked bathroom - Private Property Nigeria

Despite the amount of lighting in this room, it still struggles to make an appealing stand. We’ll start with the wallpaper and this is because it’s quite outdated. The combination of the shower and tub isn’t working here; especially on the scale of aesthetics. It’s clearly a guest bathroom but it’s one begging for a makeover.

Choked bathroom remodelled - Private Property Nigeria

After: Would you even believe this is actually the same bathroom as we had in the ‘before’ photo? You’re probably wondering where all the new space comes from. The full glass shower does a lot to rescue the bathroom. The same goes for the floating vanity as well as the white floor tiles.

5. Depressing Bathroom

Depressing bathroom - Private Property Nigeria

You probably can’t overcome the feeling of depression that comes from gazing at this picture. The poor lighting here stands out as the biggest suspect. The near-monochromatic colour scheme chosen for this bathroom further drives home the point that the design can be better. What we have a bathroom that is bland and in dire need of a makeover.

Depressing bathroom remodelled - Private Property Nigeria

After: The role of good lighting in a bathroom cannot be overemphasised. What we have after the bathroom makeover here is a room that gets the needed space to appear more open. The glass shower door and the new wall tiles have a soothing effect that goes well with the general colour scheme.

6. Dull Bathroom

Dull Bathroom - Private Property Nigeria

Vertical stripes have the ability to make a room appear bigger than it truly is. However, this does not change the fact that the wallpaper in this bathroom is dull and dated.

Dull Bathroom remodelled - Private Property Nigeria

After: The transformation here is glaring. There’s more light and the mosaic tiles are a stunning improvement to the vertical design. The vertical layout of the tiles also goes to show that you have a wide assortment of designs to choose from.

7. Pink and Dark Brown Bathroom

Pink and brown bathroom - Private Property Nigeria

We believe you can already tell what’s wrong with this bathroom. We’re not sure what the motivation for settling for these colours was but it’s not working. A shade of dark brown accents and pink wall tiles are not particularly pleasant upon the eyes. We’ll stop here and take a look at what it looks like after the bathroom makeover

Pink and brown bathroom remodelled - Private Property Nigeria

After: As you can see from the remodelling, the pink tiles had to go away completely. The same applies to the dark brown accents; quite inevitable. What we have is a totally new look. You probably didn’t miss the glamorous vibe that comes with this new design. The bathroom appears to be visually enlarged by the iridescent backsplash and this is deliberate. The reflection of light through the bathroom is also quite impressive.

8. Cramped Bathroom

Cramped bathroom - Private Property Nigeria

Would you use black wall tiles in your bathroom? We know it eventually boils down to personal taste but what we have here is a bathroom that is too dark. The choice of colour also ends up leaving it appearing cramped.

Cramped bathroom remodelled - Private Property Nigeria

After: Do you notice how spacious this same bathroom suddenly appears to be? The white storage cabinets and white wainscoting have transformed the bathroom. Did you notice that there isn’t any black tile left in the bathroom? A bathroom makeover can either be partial or complete.

9. Bathroom Without a Personality

Bathroom without a personality - Private Property Nigeria

Your bathroom should have a personality. It is not okay to have a bathroom that’s just totally bland. For instance, your bathroom should have the essential things a bathroom needs. You need sufficient storage space, which is clearly lacking here.

Bathroom without a personality remodelled - Private Property Nigeria

After: It’s one thing to have space in your bathroom, it’s another thing to make the best use of it. With custom-built shelves and a new vanity, this bathroom gets a stunning new look. It’s a major redesign but it’s worth every naira.

10. Strange Bathroom

Strange bathroom - Private Property Nigeria

The layout of this bathroom is as weird as they come. It lacks style and will at best, be remembered for its dated fixtures. From a bathroom makeover perspective, there’s a lot of room for improvement.

Strange bathroom remodelled - Private Property Nigeria

After: An impressive movie is one that is compact, roomy and tastefully designed. Consider laying new tiles and a layout that helps you pull all the elements in the bathroom together.

11. Cluttered Bathroom

Cluttered bathroom - Private Property Nigeria

A cluttered bathroom is not appealing in any way. The green bathtub and the clutter in this picture are automatic red flags that this bathroom is due for remodelling.

Cluttered bathroom remodelled - Private Property Nigeria

After: When you take out the green bathtub and put in a white one, your bathroom is bound to have a different appeal. Throw in a patterned green shower curtain and you’re closer to a beautiful bathroom makeover. The new floor tiles and wainscoting blend well to give the bathroom a classic look.

12. Aquatic Bathroom

Aquatic Bathroom - Private Property

Would you consider having an aqua tiled tub in your bathroom? Well, you could but you wouldn’t be doing yourself any favour. Don’t be tempted to combine this with a white shower curtain because you’ll end up cutting up the room. It’s worse if you already have a small bathroom because you’ll end up having a bathroom that looks smaller than it truly is.

Aquatic Bathroom Makeover - Private Property

After: To remodel this bathroom, go for cohesion and go for a warm colour palette. Consider throwing in some brass fixtures and you’ll end up with a bathroom that appears more spacious.

Final Thoughts on Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Before you carry out any bathroom makeover, be sure to ensure that the new design will be more appealing than what you already have. Remember that the bathroom is one of the most frequented rooms in your home. The last thing you want is a bathroom that leaves your guests uncomfortable. By default, bathrooms are one of the most criticised rooms in the house. Ask yourself; how do you usually feel when you walk into someone’s bathroom and you are impressed by what you see? This is precisely why you should consider a bathroom makeover.

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