Decor Tips: Maintaining Your Leather Settee

  | 2 min read

These days people are opting for settee with leather upholstery as opposed to cloth or velvet upholstery. No doubt leather upholstery is beautiful on furniture. It’s posh and cool in a modern way. But it needs to be properly cared for to last longer. It might not necessarily be as resistant to certain substances as cloth upholstery is. Below are some useful things to do and not to do:

Wash with clean, uncontaminated water
Like every other piece of furniture in the home, your leather settee may collect dust and need to be cleaned. Clean up with water and mild soap, concentrating on areas susceptible to dirt like head rests and arm rests. Make certain to use clean, uncontaminated water, becsuse certain chemicals might facilitate the discoloration of your settee, which is less than flattering. Also make certain to wipe with a clean cloth or towel immediately should there be an additional spill on it.

Never use oils on it
Avoid using oils on your leather settee! This might actually help in destroying it other than giving it a gleam.

Do away with any abrasive
Abrasives will scrape or tear up your beautiful leather settee. Avoid them and stick with a clean cloth or towel. People with little might want to go the way of cloth upholstery. However you could always limit where they can practice new skills picked up at school. Keep sharp objects away from their reach. And for Nigerian parents a cane might be handy. After all you’ve spent a lot to acquire the piece of furniture.

Direct Sunlight is your settee’s enemy
Excessive UV light will make your settee fade quickly. It might even result in your leather settee cracking, which destroys the beauty of your furniture. Find ways to protect your leather settee from direct sunlight.

If there’s a maintenance manual, please read it
The manufacturer knows what will ruin your leather settee. Read up your manual, if there’s one, to learn other things to do to prolong the lifespan of your leather settee. If it weren’t important, the manufacturer wouldn’t have written one.