Home Design Ideas From Nigerian Celebrities

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Home Design Ideas From Nigerian Celebrities

One of the reasons celebrities have a large following is because thousands and even millions of people look up to them for inspiration. The inspiration is sometimes tailored towards home design ideas.

In this article, we will share inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific spaces, architectural marvels and new design trends that belong to Nigerian celebrities who reside in Nigeria as well as those who live in the Diaspora.

Linda Ikeji Fancies Big Bathrooms

Home Design Ideas From Nigerian Celebrities - Linda Ikeji's house

If you’re having a hard time deciding how to design your bathroom, here’s an inspiration from Nigeria’s number one blogger, Linda Ikeji. This is perfect for you if you have space to spare.  Linda keeps her bathroom predominantly white save a few parts of the wall with checkered patterns. There are a number of advantages that come with having a big bathroom especially if you own the property. A big bathroom improves the overall value of the house especially if you own the house. The bigger the house, the more valuable your house will be considered. The more bathrooms you have in your house, the greater the value the of the property.

Having a big bathroom also makes you feel better and more comfortable, unlike small bathrooms that have a way of making you feel cramped into very limited space. A bigger bathroom also makes your bathroom have a clearer outlook.

P-Square Likes Enormous Living Rooms

Home Design Ideas From Nigerian Celebrities - P-Square living room

Have you ever come across a living room so huge, it looked like a hall. This is the precise feeling you get when you step into the master living room of the P-Square mansion.

If you fancy big living rooms, this should serve as a great home design idea. A big living room gives you more space to accommodate guests. A large sitting room promotes more bonding opportunities for family and friends due to the number of activities that can take place in the room simultaneously. In the case of P-Square, we have the brothers living together with some of their relatives. Hence, if you’re the family-oriented kind of person, this would be the perfect inspiration for you.

Home Design Ideas From Nigerian Celebrities - P-Square home

When your living room is large enough, you can even segment it so that a section of it serves as your home office. It is also more ideal for meetings that involve more people.

Don Jazzy and His inspiring Home Studio

Home Design Ideas From Nigerian Celebrities - Don Jazzy's house

Not everyone enjoys working from home but prolific music producer and label owner, Don Jazzy is one who relishes the idea of stepping into the office without leaving the house. His Lagos home has a space dedicated to work.

A lot of detail goes into the design of the studio and this is a fine inspiration for you if you enjoy working from home. Regardless of what you do for a living, give your home office space more than just a casual thought. If you’re like Don Jazzy, then you want to make it as comfortable as you possibly can. Don’t go for dull colours because you want a place that inspires creativity.

Home Design Ideas From Nigerian Celebrities - Don Jazzy's studio

Don Jazzy’s home studio has colours like plum, yellow-green, gold, purple, carmine and copper. The gadgets in the studio have colours ranging from grey to silver and black.

Colours don’t just change your moods. They have a profound impact on your level of productivity. Your workplace should be decorated with vibrant colours that will give your work a creative spark.

Celebrity homes in Nigeria offer you a wide range of home design ideas regardless of the specific part of the house you’re looking at. When you need to design your home, ensure you have several pricing options to pick from as well. Sample the opinion of several home designers on cost options and how you can achieve the precise design you want.

Which part of your home would you love to give that exquisite touch?

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