Homey Valentine’s Day: Make Your Home a Romantic Destination

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Valentines Day at Home

Is your house ready for Valentine’s Day?

Where would you consider the best venue to celebrate Valentine’s day with that special person in your life especially when the theme is a romantic one? A study by MyHealth in 2013 has shown that 60% of people prefer to celebrate Valentine at home; eating a home cooked meal.

Valentine's Day statistics
Research showing how people would prefer to celebrate Valentine | Image source: myhealth.co.ke

We have, therefore, come up with ways to ensure your house is ready to host Valentine’s Day at home with a loved one in Nigeria. The idea is to have as much fun as you possibly can, to keep the house safe and romantic and to leave your partner with memories to be cherished.

Romantic living room for Valentine's Day
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There has to be electricity

If you live in a serviced apartment or a rich neighbourhood like Ikoyi, Banana Island, Magodo, GRA Ikeja or Lekki in Lagos, then you might not be worried about having a backup plan for a power cut. However, if you live in other parts of the country where the supply of electricity is characteristically epileptic, then you should consider getting a generator.

This is important because, without a Generator, there would be no source of electricity in the house in the event of a power cut. You definitely don’t want to spend Valentine’s Day with a loved one at home using a hand fan on yourself when the heat kicks in.

One alternative to a generator is to the house run on solar power.

In essence, you need to make the house as comfortable as you possibly can for your partner and electricity is very crucial towards achieving this. If you do not have a generator, we suggest you either buy one or rent it. Yes, it is that important.

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You could give each other a massage

It’s Valentine’s Day and a massage from your partner and getting one in return could be a wonderful way to kick off the evening. In addition to reducing anxiety, it provides a fun activity for that special person in your life as well as an opportunity to bond even better.

Black couple playing video game
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Play video games together

The Sony Playstation and XBox are two of the most popular game consoles in Nigeria and there’s nothing stopping you from turning it on at home on Valentine’s Day. Play a couple of games with or against someone you love and you’re sure to have a blast.

Order food at home
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Order food at home

How about ordering some pizza or some continental dish on this special day to create even more memories? Remember to place your order in good time because it’s Valentine’s Day and the pizza shop is bound to have lots of orders on this day.

Velentine matters
Image source: www.quora.com

Play the 50-questions game

For this game, get you and the one you really love to write out 25 questions each and when you are done, take turns to ask each other the questions you came up with. Make sure you are creative with your questions.

Staring contest
Image source: knowyourmeme.com

A staring contest would be nice

You should have you and your significant other should sit opposite each other either on the couch or on the floor and gaze directly into each other’s’ eyes. The first person to blink loses the game and get to do whatever the winner wants.

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Scented candles are important

Did you know that scented candles release cool, health-reinforcing soy into the air, which gives your body an extraordinary sense of calm? If you are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home, scented candles become a necessity. They accent your house and leave you with lovely scents depending on what appeals to you. Scented candles have also been known to help people with sleeping problems sleep better.

Interestingly, some fragrances engender positive emotions in people. Don’t forget to add this to your checklist.

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Consider getting a curtain for the bed

Curtains especially canopy curtains hold a touch of intimacy in them, which makes them perfect for Valentine’s Day at home. This is something he/she would really appreciate. They also bring some kind of magic into the bedroom and what is a great Valentine’s Day without some elements of magic. These curtains also create a sense of privacy for lovers. If you already have a canopy bed, that’s great but if you don’t there’s no need to fret, you can get a curtain and achieve the same result. Remember that the canopy does not have to be in the bed itself.

It’s Valentine’s Day. You want to turn up the knob of romance.

Twinkly lights
Image source: www.lights4fun.co.uk

Twinkly lights are beautiful

Remember those shimmering lights you used to decorate the house for Christmas? It’s time to get them out again. This time, they are for the bedroom and there are several places in the bedroom and living room where you can hang them. They provide a soft lighting ambience for the bedroom.

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Transform your bedside nightstand

Do you have a nightstand in your bedroom? If yes, what do you put on it? Books? Reading glasses? Instead of these, get a picture of your loved one, a flower vase and a candle or two for the nightstand. These items

Image source: gifts.com

Don’t forget the gifts

Your budget will determine how much you can spend on getting a Valentine’s Day gift for that special person. To make it more exciting, why not get more than one gift and spread them in different parts of the house. You can lead him/her on a treasure hunt through the house. To do this successfully, you would need to have planned a day or two ahead to ensure everything checks out. It’s your home so take advantage of the space.

If you’re a man, some of the gifts Nigerian ladies appreciate the most include gadgets, makeup kit/set, jewellery, hair extensions/products. If you’re a lady, some of the gifts you can give your man include fashion accessories and devices.

Candles at home
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On a final note

If your apartment is structured in such a way that you find it impossible to get your home ready for Valentine’s Day, we strongly suggest you consider the option of a beautiful hotel room for you and your loved one or a romantic getaway for two.

Meanwhile, what other thing do you consider a must-have for your house on Valentine’s Day?

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