Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide

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Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Banana Island in Ikoyi

Ikoyi stands out for its luxury and reputation as one of the most amazing places to live in Lagos. The neighbourhood is surrounded by water as it sits on an island. It offers an embrace of style, class and comfort to people looking to settle within the ambience that its homes, estates, streets, and avenues have to offer.

Ikoyi is also home to the famous Banana Island, which Forbes ranks as the most expensive neighbourhood in Nigeria. The district offers upscale living with quality houses and good security. Its top class restaurants, malls, bars, and a rich offering of outdoor activities have made it a prime location for celebrities, upper-class citizens and a long list of prominent personalities.

Map of Ikoyi

Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Map of Ikoyi
Map of Ikoyi | Photo credit: Google Map


Ikoyi was once separated from Lagos Island by a narrow waterway that was dug by the British colonial government. This waterway has now been partly built over and filled such that it has become fused with Lagos Island once again. Today, Ikoyi is home to quite a number of government buildings, parastatals, businesses, hotels, restaurants, schools, the famous Ikoyi Club 1938 and the Ikoyi Golf Club. Some of the newer suburbs of Ikoyi include Banana Island, Parkview Estate, Dolphin Estate and other luxurious blocks of flats that are constantly springing up within and around the neighbourhood.


Ikoyi is easily one of the most opulent districts in Lagos with a reputation of secure and luxurious apartments. The district boasts of stunning mansions and dazzling architectural works that spread across the neighbourhood. Ikoyi records the highest amount of rainfall in Lagos and is known to be breezy and cool all through the day. So, if you fancy an evening walk or a morning stroll, you are bound to enjoy the cool breeze. Residents and visitors take full advantage of the serenity in the area to embrace a more healthy lifestyle.

The nightlife in Ikoyi comes alive with a string of nightclubs, restaurants and hangout spots that draw people from all walks of life.

Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Ruxton Road in Ikoyi
Ruxton Road in Ikoyi | Photo credit: Private Property
Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Commercial motorcycle in Ikoyi
A quiet neighbourhood in Ikoyi | Photo credit: Private Property

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Who Lives in Ikoyi?

Ikoyi is home to affluent men, women and families that have a preference for luxury homes and the very best of real estate that money can buy. Celebrity artistes, actors, athletes, politicians, government officials, socialites, and other upper-class citizens are some of those who own houses in this elegant neighbourhood.

Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Who lives in Ikoyi
Olori Omo Oba’s Place at Milverton Road, Ikoyi | Photo credit: Private Property

Essential Amenities

Regardless of whether you live in a mansion, a flat or a serviced apartment, Ikoyi provides you with the essential amenities you need.


The schools in Ikoyi offer a top class education to children enrolled. You don’t have to worry about leaving the district, as there are fantastic options to chose from. Some of these include the Banana Island School, Corona School, Saint Saviours Primary School, Greenwood House School, Holy Child College, St.Gregory’s College, Home Science Association Nursery and Primary School, Meadow Hall School and Brownsville College.

Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - St.Gregory's College Ikoyi
St Gregory’s College in Ikoyi | Photo credit: Private Property
Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Home Science Association Nursery and Primary School Ikoyi
Home Science Association Nursery and Primary School in Ikoyi | Photo credit: Private Property

Libraries, Coworking Spaces & Study Rooms:

One of the most popular libraries in Ikoyi is the Zaccheus Onumba Dibiaezue Memorial Libraries (ZODML), which sits on Awolowo Road. You are, however, bound to find more coworking spaces and study rooms in Ikoyi. Some of the prominent ones are Capital Square, Cafe Neo, EMR Office, Lagos Garage, Jazz Cafe, The Jazz Hole and Seed Space. This underscores the value placed on learning within this neighbourhood and we look forward to hearing about more of these spaces opening.

Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Capital Square Ikoyi
Capital Square in Ikoyi | Photo credit: Tech Point
Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Seedspace - Medium
Seed Space coworking space in Ikoyi | Photo credit: Medium
Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Cafe Neo - Paloos
Cafe Neo – Paloos in Ikoyi | Photo credit: Cafe Neo
Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - The Jazz Hole in Ikoyi
The Jazz Hole Library in Ikoyi | Photo credit: I Love Lagos

Healthcare Providers

Ikoyi lives up to its reputation of paying attention to the things that matter as seen in the number of healthcare providers within the neighbourhood. The likes of 1st City Hospital, Best Care Hospital, Emel Hospital, Hanoba Medical Centre, Kyutis Clinic, Faces ‘N’ Braces Dental Clinics, Ultimate Eye Clinic, Enny Eye Clinic And Optical Services, First Consultant Hospital, Best Care Hospital, Royal Cross Medical Centre and St. Francois Medical Centre are some of the many options residents and visitors can choose from.

Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Schubbs Dental Clinic in Ikoyi
Schubbs Dental Clinic in Ikoyi | Photo credit: Private Property

Food and Drinks

Ikoyi is known for its mix of fast food restaurants, classy bars, and tantalising nightclubs. It has its fair share of outlets that serve a rich offering of continental dishes. The Southern Sun hotel is centrally placed and offers casual lunches and light dinners can be enjoyed on the outside terrace while the stylish cocktail bar is ideal for meeting colleagues and friends. The Hard Rock Cafe in Ikoyi stands out for its collectable fashion and music-related merchandise, the Hard Rock Live performance venues and an award-winning website.

If these tickle your fancy, some more restaurants, bars and nightclubs in Ikoyi include; Golden Gate Restaurant, Fusion Spice – Villa Angelia, Kali Burger Bar, Casa Lydia, Coors Restaurant and Lounge, Ofada Hut, Mr. Chang Chinese Cuisine, Cactus Restaurant, Rheeds Thai Restaurant, Twenty-5 Lagos, Lagoon Restaurant, Spice Route, Bogobiri Hotel Bar, Double Four, Caspa and Gambini and Famad Guest House and Restaurant.

Ikoyi is also big in top notch hotels that offer guests a taste of the luxury that Ikoyi is famed for. Hotels like Parkview Astoria Hotel, Pearl Court Hotel, The Wheatbaker Lagos, Westfoster Harbour, The George Hotel and Colonades Hotel are a home away from home.

Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Chicken Republic in Ikoyi
A plate of food at Chicken Republic Ikoyi | Photo credit: Private Property
Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Inside Chicken Republic in Ikoyi 1
Inside Chicken Republic in Ikoyi | Photo credit: Private Property

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Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Golden Gate Restaurant in Ikoyi
Golden Gate Restaurant in Ikoyi | Photo credit: Private Property
Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Meal at Ember Creek - DealDey
A plate of food at Ember Creek in Ikoyi | Photo credit: Ember Creek
Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Southern Sun
Southern Sun in Ikoyi | Photo credit: Private Property

How to Get Around in Ikoyi

The average homeowner/resident in Ikoyi owns a car, which makes transportation within the neighbourhood convenient. From sleek cars to exotic automobiles and trucks, residents of this neighbourhood believe in getting around in the best cars.However, there are those who use other means of transportation, whether they own cars or not. Alternative means of transportation within Ikoyi include commercial buses, taxis and commercial motorcycles. If you intend to connect neighbouring districts, boat rides, buses, commercial motorcycles and taxis are some of the options you might want to explore.

If you’re planning to travel by air, it’s important to know that Ikoyi is 19 kilometres away from the Murtala Muhammed International Airport.

Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Falomo roundabout in Ikoyi
Falomo Roundabout in Ikoyi | Photo credit: Jumia Travel

By Commercial Bus: Commercial buses offer a smooth ride through Ikoyi depending on the time of the day you decide to use them. The white coloured buses are considerably affordable and are not hard to come by.

They are, however, restricted from accessing some estates and the really upscale parts of Ikoyi.

Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - White commercial buses that ply Ikoyi
White commercial buses that ply Ikoyi | Photo credit: Private Property

By Motorcycles: Commercial motorcycles are one of the fastest means of transportation in Ikoyi especially when you are in a hurry.

Important to note: Motorcycles are officially banned from the highways across the state by the state government but they are not illegal. Within Ikoyi, they serve the purpose of quick transportation well but operate with restrictions. For instance, they are not allowed to ply major highways. For these routes, you might want to consider using a taxi or a commercial bus.

Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Commercial motorcycle in Ikoyi
A commercial motorcycle in Ikoyi | Photo credit: Private Property

By Car: Car owners in Ikoyi enjoy a good network of roads whenever they are on the move. Whether you are driving through Ikoyi or trying to link Victoria Island, Lekki or the Lagos mainland, driving promises to be a beautiful experience. However, there is a need to pay attention to peak and off-peak traffic times. As you might have guessed, the best times to drive are early in the morning, shortly past midday and at night. Meanwhile, Ikoyi is not as populated as other rowdy districts in Lagos, which gives it a peaceful feel.

By Uber/Cabs/Taxis:

Cabs are easy to hail in Ikoyi. You can either hail one via an App especially for the likes of Uber and Oga Taxi or you could simply flag one down on the way out. They are affordable and comfortable. However, some estates in Ikoyi have restrictions on yellow taxis at certain times of the day.

Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Yellow taxi in Ikoyi
Yellow Taxis at a park in Ikoyi | Photo credit: Private Property

By Tricycles: In Ikoyi, Tricycles are not permitted to operate on the highway. However, within the busy streets of Ikoyi like Awolowo Way, this form of transportation gets the job done.It’s interesting to add that they are very affordable and charge the same fare as commercial buses.

Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Tricycles in Ikoyi
New tricycles in Ikoyi | Photo credit: Chutku

By Boat: Water transportation is an essential part of Ikoyi and residents, visitors and those who work in and around Ikoyi rely on this means of passage to connect districts like Apapa, Victoria Island, Lekki and Ikorodu. They are not outrageously expensive but they charge higher fares than commercial buses. They are a safe and fast means of transportation.

Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Water transportation in Ikoyi
Water transportation Ikoyi | Photo credit: Private Property
Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Water transportation in Ikoyi 1
A ferry in Ikoyi conveying commuters to their destinations | Photo credit: Private Property


Eleko beach is located within a 45-minute drive away from Ikoyi and this is what makes it a big outdoor attraction for residents. Visitors at the beach are allowed to rent huts and barbeque stands, which are a major attraction. If you have an eye for artworks especially sculpture and ceramics, you will find them being hawked at the beach. It is mostly quiet during the week and comes alive with visitors and events on weekends. Ikoyi is also popular for its exclusive clubs. The Ikoyi Club 1938 is one such club and has facilities to show for it, including tennis courts and a golf course.

Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Lagos Motor Boat Club - Hotels.ng
Lagos Motor Boat Club | Photo credit: Hotels.ng

The Lagos Motor Boat Club on Awolowo Road in Ikoyi appeals to those want to have a firsthand experience with the sea. It is a members-only boating club and caters to the needs of those in search of water-based outdoor games and activities. The club stays open from 11:00 am through 8:00 am.Ember Creek in Ikoyi is another spot you might want to check out. It has a pool and an outdoor side to its fun offerings. Some great places to spend some outdoor time include the Bodyline Gym and Health Garden Fitness Superstore.

Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Eleko Beach
Eleko Beach | Photo credit: Nigerian Bulletin
Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Ikoyi Club 1938
The entrance of the Ikoyi Club 1938 | Photo credit: Private Property
Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Ikoyi Club
Ikoyi Club 1938
Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Ember Creek - Afro Tourism
Ember Creek in Ikoyi | Photo credit: Afro Tourism
Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Ikoyi Club pool
Ikoyi Club 1938 swimming pool

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Shopping at Ikoyi

Make your shopping experience one to remember or look forward to, regardless of whether you are a visitor or a resident. The Falomo Shopping Centre is a wonderful place to start. Other lovely places to shop include Renee Malls, Dolphin Estate Plaza, Okoli Supermarket, Tino Electronics, Samsung, Episode Interior, Walgreens Supermart, BG Mart Superstore, El-Lay’s Supermarket, Habitat, Quintessence, Eve and Tribe, Kids Republic and Hewlett-Packard.

Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Falomo Shopping Centre
The popular Falomo Shopping Centre in Ikoyi | Photo credit: David Asumah Photography
Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Walgreens Supermart in Ikoyi
Walgreens Supermart in Ikoyi | Photo credit: Connect Nigeria

Did You Know?

Ikoyi has the highest number of vertical apartment buildings in Lagos and this is because it has very limited available land space.

Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide - Vertical apartment buildings
A vertical apartment building in Ikoyi | Photo credit: Private Property

Ikoyi is the pinnacle of luxury homes, affluence and breathtaking architecture within the Lagos metropolis. It’s an amazing neighbourhood to own a home or rent an apartment.

Property and Apartments for Sale in Ikoyi

Property and apartments for sale in Ikoyi - Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide

Property and Apartments for Rent in Ikoyi

Property and apartments for rent in Ikoyi - Ikoyi Neighbourhood Guide

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