Reasons why estate agents need to list their properties online

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Over the years, technology has played a significant role in shaping the way real estate industry which has made it a marketable and profitable industry around the world. We can’t help but marvel at the influx of technology and internet which has made selling, buying or renting a property easy as a piece of cake.

According to the statistics provided by Social Media Week Lagos, internet penetration in Africa has seen a 5% growth in the past year and increases from 13% to 18%, also a 7% of active social network users.

Still one of the questions real estate agents or private sellers constantly ask is “why do I need an online presence?” As businesses continue to shift their reach and possibility of getting more prospective customers online, retailers are receptive of the procurement of goods and services at their convenience (online). With an online platform such as Private Property Nigeria that boasts of over 1 million visitors monthly; advertising, selling, buying or renting a property has been made easy.

Life has been made easy for all to showcase your numerous properties and for buyers to have variety of options to choose from. Below are some of the benefits of listing your properties online.

Lifestyle and Demographics of online users

Traditional means of information has continued to phase out since people are more interested in getting enlightened online. With such a large concentration on the digital means of getting information, you can be rest assured that your property is in the faces of your target market; the good thing is that there is the tendency that leads end up becoming prospective home buyers.

Cost Effective and Stress Free

Listing your properties on a site like Private Property saves a lot of stress and funds compared to the other forms of advertising such as billboard adverts, radio jingles, TV advert and other forms of traditional marketing. All you need is a subscription to a plan which can run from weeks to months.

Personal interaction with customers

The joy of every business owner is return on investment; same applies to the real estate agency too. Apart from the online boost and presence their properties get online, interaction is encouraged with catchy sell off points on the promotions of their property which also helps to increase brand loyalty.

Easy access to the property Information

Home buyers have the liberty to access information about a property any day, any time compared to a traditional form of advert which might not be easily accessible depending on the location and time you saw or heard it.



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