Relocating Homes on Clumsy Wheels Only in Africa

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Relocating Homes on Clumsy Wheels - Epic Fails


Relocating in Nigeria can be tedious especially in a densely populated city like Lagos. What we love to see is how Nigerian’s go about moving in their own way.

The Irony

A man carries a sofa on his motorcycle on a highway near Kenya's capital Nairobi

In this case, it is weird to see the cyclist protect himself by wearing all the safety gears needed. Meanwhile, the sofa’s transporting has no form of protection. Not ideal.

Striking a Balance

Relocating homes on clumsy wheels in Africa (4)

The fact that the man riding this bike has been able to achieve a balance such that the weight of his belongings doesn’t  sway too heavily to one side still doesn’t make it a proper way to relocate.

When You Can No Longer Ride the Bike

Relocating homes on clumsy wheels (3)

Is it possible to relocate furniture that’s 6 times heavier than the vehicle you have chosen to move with? The fact that the man in the picture appears to have achieved the feat does not make it a safe way to move your furniture. They could easily fall and get damaged.

Crossing the Limit

Relocating homes on clumsy wheels (5)

No matter how big a truck is, it has its weight limit. The families in relocating in the picture below have clearly exceeded the weight capacity of the vehicle used in relocating. This is clearly another relocation fail.

Paying the Price

Relocating homes on clumsy wheels (4)

When you cross the line of reasoning when moving your belongings and family, then you should expect an unpleasant outcome. With the vehicle visibly falling apart, the relocation plan appears stuck in a pretty bad situation.

Too Much of Everything

Relocating homes on clumsy wheels (1)

If you can’t carry your entire home on your head when relocating, then why stuff a pickup car with what should naturally strike you as too much weight. The car’s rear wheel has paid the price.

The weather forecasters

Relocating homes on clumsy wheels (2)

Relocating this way would mean one of two things – The person relocating must be banking on the weather to stay bright or must be an avid follower of the weather forecast. If it ends up raining, we see a number of things getting damaged. Surely not the best way to relocate.

Taking a Risk

Relocating homes on clumsy wheels in Africa (3)

The car looks alright but the relocation doesn’t feel the same way. A car should not carry this much weight.

The Truth About Weight Limits

Most family cars including sedans, SUVs, compacts, and subcompact models are usually at or near their maximum load capacity when loaded up with four average-sized males and their luggage, gear, or other cargo.

Do you have any funny or outright ridiculous relocation stories you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comment box below.

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