The Weird and Wonderful Houses in Africa

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weird and wonderful homes in africa


Some of the unusual homes in the world can be found in Africa – From the Shoe House in South Africa to the Crocodile House in Abidjan, there’s an abundance of them. If you have the heart that beats for tourism and travels, you should consider visiting some of these houses.

The Shoe House

The Shoe House is located in Mpumalanga in South Africa. It does remind you of the old folklore you heard of the old woman who lived in a shoe, doesn’t it?  You can visit the house if you ever get to visit the Abel Erasmus Pass in Mpumalanga.

The Crocodile House

You probably know for a fact that Abidjan has its fair share of skyscrapers but you might not know about its weirdly wonderful a Crocodile House. The house was designed and built by the artist Moussa Kalo.

The Mobile Home

mobile home

Basing on the previous examples, you must have been expecting a house in the shape of a mobile phone, but this is a mobile home in the literal sense. The biggest perk of this house? He can change neighbourhoods whenever he wants to. The downside? his house can be stolen by any other able-bodied person anytime. 

The Unconventional University

university of Sonkore

Believe it or not, this is a tertiary institution. It is the Sankoré Madrasah, The University of Sankoré, or Sankore Masjid is one of three ancient centres of learning located in Timbuktu, Mali, West Africa. Are you wondering if they have laptops and iPads in there?

The Florid Walls

florid walls

The walls of this house inspire nursery rhymes. The bright colours and flurry of shapes make it quite a spectacle. if you had to spend a night in this home, what is one thing you would ask for?

The Domed House

domed house

This house design belongs to the Fulani tribe in Nigeria. It is known as the Domed House. The Fulanis herd animals and are predominantly nomads. Their homes are lightweight so they easily pick them up and move on when they have a need to do so. How cool is that?

The Tall House

This house in Somalia is bound to leave you with more questions than answers. Perhaps the owner of the house was not sure which material to use and ended up settling for mostly fabric, rubber and other things he/she could find.

The Fully Ventilated House

Every home deserves proper ventilation and this house in Sudan cuts the picture of a home that scores an ‘A’ in the principles of ventilation. Say hello to the House of Gutemele, a Dogon house In Mali.

The Tree House

This tree house in South Africa is nothing like the one little boys build. its ghostly look makes it more appealing with nature’s ruggedness as a backdrop. 

The Airplane House

the airplane house

This house easily resembles a crashed plane but it’s far from it. The house was built can be found in Nigeria and stands out for its weird airplane design.

The Elephant House

elephant house

There isn’t much that is known about this ‘Elephant House’ in Lagos, but we know there’s another Elephant House located in Marina, Lagos that has 17 floors and looks nothing like this.

The one that made our list is quite a jaw dropper. The most topical subject that always comes around this building is the so-called ‘Ugly Building Law,’ which mandates the owner of the building to pay an ‘Ugly Tax;’ depending on how high their building rates on a scale of 1 to 1,000 for ugliness

The Aquatic Side

These are houses on stilts, which can be found Makoko shanty town in Lagos, Nigeria. Makoko is a small neighbourhood across the 3rd Mainland Bridge located on the coast of mainland Lagos. A third of the community is built on stilts along the lagoon and the rest is on the land.


From our list of weird homes, which one do you personally consider the weirdest?

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