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Commercial Property for Sale in Abuja

Apo, Abuja Phase 2
Commercial Property
Shop Space for Sale in Apo (S573051)
A Vacant Shop Space Measuring about 23Sqm with En Suite Toilet for sale, Located at Apo Sparklight Shopping Mall, Opposite Living Faith Church, Apo District Abuja. Price: 5 Million Naira
Listed: 24 Aug '15
Apo Resettlement Zone E, Apo, Abuja Phase 2
Land Measuring 5,392.72sqm (BEVE1035)
Land measuring 5,392.72 strategically located in a commercial area of Apo Resettlement, Abuja Title: Deed of Assignment / Allocation Sale price: 140m
Listed: 19 May '17
Zone 4, Kubwa, Abuja Phase 4
Direct Brief: A brand new plaza at Wuze zone 4, Abuja. Property Description: Four floors + Penthouse, Staffs sqts, 2 Mikano generators, big parking space, Title: C of O. Land Size: 2560sqm Price N2.5billion Net.
Listed: 30 Oct '18
Auchi Street, Garki | Area 1-11, Abuja Phase 1
Tastefully Built Hotel (FXDM1041)
Tastefully built hotel comprising of 41 rooms, restaurant and gym located at area 1
Listed: 5 Jan '18
Wuse Zone 5, Wuse | Zone 1-7, Abuja Phase 1
Grade 'A' Commercial Office Space (UNDH0014)
Ujat Tower is a Grade A Commercial Building located in the commercial district of Abuja, This Development consists of 8 floors of commercial Office space and surface parking. Features: • 2 No of high-speed 8-passenger Elevators. • Central Air Conditioning System HVAC. • 2 No Electricity Generating sets of 400 KVA and 100 KVA for duty and standby respectively. • Steady Supply of Clean Water. • Emergency Exit and Fire Alarm System. • 3 Staircase for Accessibility. • Parking Space for 100 cars Surface parking. • The entire premise is well secured with metal grill fence. • CCTV Cabling has been provided.
Listed: 23 Nov '18
Lome Crescent, Wuse | Zone 1-7, Abuja Phase 1
12 bedroom Detached Duplex (MOIW1002)
Massive duplex with 2 internal staircases, 3nr living rooms, 2nr standard guest bedrooms, 4nr standard suites and 2nr master suites within the main building, covering about 950m2. Separate 2 bedroom guest wing and 2 room servant quarters on 3,500m2 of land with an additional 2,000m2 green area ideal for use as a garden.
12 11 2 3,500m²
Listed: 27 Jun '18
Kigoma Close, Zone 7, Wuse | Zone 1-7, Abuja Phase 1
A fully furnished & Serviced Office Space for Sale (FXDM1061)
This property is a fully furnished Office Space for Sale. It has a space of 70 sqm and the office space comes with office furniture, Computers, AC and other office electronic all for sale. Owner is relocating and doesn't want to move anything. The entire plaza where the Office space is Located is Serviced.
Listed: 28 Mar '18
Central Business District, Central Area, Abuja Phase 1
Commercial Property
Office Complex on 4 floors with a penthouse (TCCN1042)
Office complex located with the Central Business with the following details: Location: CBD near the American Embassy, UN Building, National Hospital Abuja, among other prominent buildings Title: Certificate of Occupancy Land Area: About 1,350 sqm Lettable Area: 1,500 sqm Price: #1.4 Billion (Asking)
Listed: 9 Oct '17
Takum Close By 22, Nkwere Street, Behind Unity House (Rochas Foundation), Garki | Area 1-11, Abuja Phase 1
Carcass of Ultra Modern Office Complex for Sale (FXDM1025)
Office complex with 4 floors and 2 basements each with open hall, store and toilet. The complex has a gate house. The Main building is on a land of 2500+ sqm
Listed: 20 Oct '16
Lugbe Airport Road, Lugbe, Abuja Phase 4
Commercial Property
Filling Station For Sale Along Airport Road (OREI0031)
Capacity of underground Tanks: 50,000 × 4 = show me litrs PMS 50,000 × 1 = 50, 000 ltrs AGO 50,000 × 1 = 50,000 ltrs DPK 6 underground Tanks = show me ltrs. Pumps: 8 Heavy duty Pumps, 16 Nozzles for PMS 1 Heavy duty Pump, 2 Nozzles for AGO 1 Heavy duty Pump, 1 Nozzle for DPK. Land Area: 7,800 sqm. Plot 2915 Additional Land : Plot 1850: 5, 660 sqm. R of O.
Listed: 28 Sep '18
Garki, Garki | Area 1-11, Abuja Phase 1
Office Space for Sale (UNDH0015)
Contact Person: Oshobajo Ayodele Email : show me / show me Phone No: show me Facilities : Water Treatment system, 1 high speed Elevator shaft Properties Description: fitted with Air-conditioners outlets parking space for 40 cars Kitchenette 1 dedicated transformer for the office complex 4 floors with a penthouse total office space is 2936sqm Granite and Tile Floor internal Finish land size 4000sqm
Listed: 23 Nov '18
Off Nkwere Street, Garki | Area 1-11, Abuja Phase 1
Ultra Modern Office Complex/ Mall/ Plaza for Sale (FXDM1078)
This property is a a Massive Complex consisting of 3 floors and a Pent house. Its 98 % complete, with just the Lift/ Elevator left to be installed. The property can be used as an Office Complex or a Mall. It comes with an Open floor space, so you can divide up the floor spaces as you deem fit for use. Property is accessible by a tarred road and has its own dedicated Transformer. Property is located close to the NIPOST Office and Biobak Kitchen. Property is in a good condition and its just to pay and begin using it as no work needs to be done on the building. It can also be used as a Banking Hall for any Bank that will to purchase it.
Listed: 9 Nov '18
Abuja, Central Area, Abuja Phase 1
Executive Ten Storey Office Block in Abuja. (TOKS1001)
An executive ten storey office block in a central area in Abuja is up for Sal
Listed: 12 Oct '18
Kado, Abuja Phase 2
Commercial Property
4 petrol pumps, 1 kerosine pump, 1 dieseal pump, car wash, transformer, glo mast(3m p.a), extra land and there are two offices, a minimart and store with lube bay, there are four tanks of 33,000litres each. Two for pms, one for ago and one for dpk. The tanks may have to be changed to meet new dpr standard. It’s located just beside coe zuba. Owner wants to sale for 120 million naira (negotiateable)
Murtala Mohammed Express Way, Abuja,, Katampe Ext., Abuja Phase 2
Commercial Property
Super Mega Filling Station For Sale along Maitama and Kubuwa Expressway (FXDM1035)
This Property sits on a land size of 17000 sqm. It Comprises of 2 Mega Filling Station and a truck yard, has a C-of-O. It has 30 pumps with fuel pump allocation as follows; 24pms, 4dpk and 2ago, has underground tanks and a back up generator.
Wuse Zone 5, Wuse | Zone 1-7, Abuja Phase 1
Commercial Property
A 45 rooms functional hotel in the heart of Abuja at zone5 wuse for sale (OREI0035)
A 45 rooms functional hotel in the heart of Abuja at zone5 wuse for sale,the hotel is sitting on a perimeter fenced plot 1,179.31sqm. The hotel is registered and as another plot behind measuring 3.47hcts for garden,park and recreation center,all this are up for grab with just 800m. The hotel as hall that can contain more than 100 persons and also restaurant etc. Title: C of O. Price: 800M
Zilly Aggrey Drive, Karmo, Abuja Phase 3
Residential Space & Commercial Space (FXDM1030)
The commercial and residential wings of the Epicentre project have been structured to be complementary to one another. There are currently six units (out of twenty) left on the residential building. One Poise Flat F3. Four Bedroom Flat at ? show me (exclusive of VAT) Two Cozy flats F2 and F11. Three Bedroom Flats at ? show me (exclusive of VAT) One Elan Flat F10. Three Bedroom Flat at ? show me (exclusive of VAT) One Amore Flat F18. Three Bedroom Flat at ? show me (exclusive of VAT) The commercial wing of The Epicentre project is be sold open-plan so as to enable an investor maximize the space for a variety of uses. Although we have recommended that the building be used for lifestyle purposes, the project is being sold off-plan, so the floor plans can be tweaked to the investor’s requirements. Based on the open floor plans for the building, each floor has between 308.75sqm and 353.45sqm of lettable space. These amount can be paid in tranches, with 70% of the total amount paid over the first six months of construction, and the balance of 30% spread over the following 18 months. We estimate that you would have received a net cash-flow of about 24% of the initial investment over the next five years. The value of the property is also expected to have appreciated by 45% by the fifth year. The prices of each of the floors are calculated based on the size of the lettable space on each of those floors. As the floors go upward, the cost per square meter decreases. On the first floor, the purchase price per meter square meter is ? show me .00. The quantity of lettable space on this floor is 353.45sqm. This brings the cost of the first floor to ? show me .00. Factoring in 5% Value Added Tax (VAT) would bring the total cost of this floor to ? show me .00 (One hundred and forty-four million, three hundred and sixty-six thousand, six hundred and fifty-two naira only). On the second floor, the purchase price per square meter is ? show me . The quantity of lettable space on this floor is 308.75sqm. This brings the cost of the first floor to ? show me .00. Factoring in 5% Value Added Tax (VAT) would bring the total cost of this floor to ? show me .00 (One hundred and one million, four hundred and seventy thousand, six hundred and eighty-seven naira, fifty kobo only). On the third and fourth floors (office floors), the purchase price per square meter is ? show me . The quantity of lettable space on these floors are 330.5sqm. This brings the cost of the first floor to ? show me .00. Factoring in 5% Value Added Tax (VAT) would bring the total cost of this floor to ? show me .00 (Seventy-nine million, four hundred and sixty-eight thousand, seven hundred and twenty-five naira only). These prices and all our forecasted values where arrived at based on analysis of commercial property in comparable districts like Jabi, Wuye, Katampe and Gudu. The forecasted values are based on perceived rates acquired from new developments in various these districts with similar level of infrastructural development.
20 20 4,096m²
Plot 623 Diplomatic Zone,, Central Area, Abuja Phase 1
Office Complex for Sale in Central Area (FXDM1033)
Newly Built and Tastefully Finished Ultra-Modern Office Complex on 4 Floors with a penthouse for Sale. Strategically Located at Central Business District, PLOT 623 Diplomatic Zone Abuja. It is constructed with high quality first class, world standard quality materials. The entire compound is well landscaped and paved with asphalts and concrete kerbs/slabs. COMMON FEATURES OF THE PROPERTY: •External open area car parks. •Expansive Entrance halls/Reception areas. •Two (2) Nos Emergency escape staircases, located within each floor/wing •Two (2) Nos Mini kitchenettes/Tea rooms at the penthouse. Walls tilled to dudo levels. •Each wing of each floor has three (2) Nos toilets, fitted with water closets and wash hand basins. Walls tilled to dudo levels. •Security Posts with toilet facilities •Generator house NB: – All the floors are tilled with combinations of granite, marble and ceramic tiles. OTHER SPECIAL FACILITIES: This property has in addition to the above spacious accommodations, various special facilities that complement its uniqueness and usage. Brand new generator + 10,000 litre fuel tank •Dedicated step down transformer to service the property/premises. •Two (2) Nos Pressed steel overhead water tanks of about 10,000 litres connected to a 5,000 litre ground tank, borehole and public water mains. •One (1) No. Lift (30hp 2 speed), 4 persons capacity with microprocessor control, and automatic landing system in case of power failure. •Each floor of the complex is fitted with smoke/fire detector system for safety purposes. •Compound and Emergency lightings. •Entrance into the premises is through a double-leaf vehicular metal drive-in gate •Inter-call and security cameras (CCTV) are fully installed inside/outside of the entire complex. TOTAL SPACE for Rent: 1440 sqm
B63 Gwarjo Cl,, Garki | Area 1-11, Abuja Phase 1
Urgent Sale of Shop/Office Space (FXDM1045)
An open space of 25 sqm in Efab mall on the second floor, which oversees the parking area. This space isn't hidden and can easily be seen by everybody. It's a good location for an office or a shop.
Lokoja-Kaduna Road, Kwail, Abuja, Gwagwalada, Abuja Phase 4
Filling Station Land for Sale {with Approval} (FXDM1051)
This property is a Filling station Land with a Filling station approval already in place. It has gotten all necessary approval need to establish a Filling Station. Below are all specification of the Filling station approval; 1. It has 6 Pumps 2. Has 3 underground tanks with each having a capacity of 33,000 liters. 3. It has approval to sell P.M.S., A.G.O., D.P.K., 4. It's on a Land size of 3,000 sqm. 5. Copies of all documents for the Land is available for viewing.

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