Adron Homes & Properties ltd

Adron Homes is a real estate company that have come to provide property to all irrespective of your status or position in society

With providing of Decent accessible and affordable homes with a comfortable and convenient flexible payment plan

Infrastructure is topnotch that you find no where else in Nigeria 🇳🇬

Magnifera and postmodern structures is the dream and becoming the leading Pan-African real-estate compay

* Provide flexible payment plan
* Provide "state of the art" infrastructure and amenities
* Help appreciates your investments fast and huge
* Ease the stress of Legal documentation
* Provides you with the right document for easy conveyance of ownership
* Help you build to avoid substandard material been used
* Monitor and supervised your eng. to cut ✂️ out the use of substandard material
* Provides security for residents and your materials during construction
*Provides land for farming per annum

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