Dewhaven Multiconcepts limited

DewHaven Multiconcepts Limited (DHM) was established in 2006 by a team of seasoned professionals who saw a need to bridge the gap that exists in real estate best practices and delivery in Nigeria. DHM has positioned herself fast growth as a start up business in the south west region, with its core competence in real estate Marketing and project management.

DHM has imbibed a culture that emphasizes a customer-centric approach. We employ industry best practices on all our customers. This is to ensure we exceed our customers' expectations by delivering world class services and products. We don't just deploy service; we develop a community with an orientation for success.


Our real estate Consultancy spans across diverse sectors. We offer support and advisory solutions on both public and private sector. Our services include Facility Management, Project Development/Management, Procedure Health Checks, Real estate Marketing and Networking.


DewHaven Multiconcepts do oversee the management of estate or facility. For tenanted property, we ensure proper usage of the property by tenants and also see to prompt payment of rent as at when due. For owner occupier property alike we ensure proper upkeep of the property, periodical checks are carried out during which activities such as fumigation, weeding and repairs etc are done where and whenever necessary.


DewHaven Multiconcepts facilitates project development. Project development could either be a new project or buying over a failed project which is in layman's language is an abandoned project. We perform project health checks on ongoing projects by conducting periodic assessments on the progress of the project. In project health check, a snapshot of the project is captured to check the baseline as against the achieved results. It is a general audit used to assess the project's ability to meet its objectives and compares the project management activities against the organisation's project management method. Projects are inherently risky ventures and sometimes it is inevitable that projects are "in trouble" or "off track." DewHaven Multiconcepts 'puts' its consultants in 'place' to rescue projects from further difficulty and get it back on the road to success through a process of rapid assessment, development of recovery actions, execution, control and applying lessons learned to prevent similar occurrence.

DewHaven Multiconcepts quality assurance management develops and implements a systematic approach that audits the quality process, baseline requirements and methods used in a project. We assist our clients by ensuring they adopt a Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) approach. We also introduce professional quality assurance techniques on our clients' projects. These include Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), Six Sigma, Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA), Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Advance Product Quality Planning (APQP).


DewHaven Multiconcepts Limited have in place tested marketing tools and have discovered to have always delivered. Among the tools is a wide range of network of real estate agencies across the country and beyond, hence we have a large volume of clientele to serve.

The exploration of the social media network is another tool that works for us in other to create visibility and market for our products.)

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