Filling Stations For Rent in Lagos

We have a total of 4 Filling Stations For Rent in Lagos as seen on 23 Jun 2024. These properties posted on this site are posted by real estate agents in Lagos. Refine your property search in Lagos by price, number of beds and type of property.

Filling Station For Rent Lagos Epe Express Way Awoyaya Ajah Lagos


Filling Station For Lease


Lagos Epe Express Way Awoyaya Ajah Lagos

Ken ottah chima Associates
Updated 23 Jun 2024, Added 23 May 2024


Filling Station For Rent Ijanikin Ojo Lagos


A Functioning Fueling Station


Ijanikin Ojo Lagos

Odun Aribisala
Added 17 May 2024


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Filling Station For Rent Ijanikin Badagry Lagos


Functioning Filling Station With 6pumps,mini Mart In A Busy Road


Ijanikin Badagry Badagry Lagos

Lambe and Eboigbe properties
Updated 18 Apr 2024, Added 16 Feb 2024


Filling Station For Rent Okokomaiko Ojo Lagos


Functional Filling Station With A Station House


Okokomaiko Ojo Lagos

Ubosi Eleh
Added 05 Jul 2023


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Avg. price: N11M

Property for rent in Lagos

Lagos is one of the biggest states in Nigeria and so is its real estate market. Lagos' real estate market is expected to grow and offers its investors a high rate of return. 

Lagos is also a well-liked location for real estate enterprises due to the city's consistent pace of property appreciation. Top neighborhoods in Lagos have some things in common – They are classy, and secure and offer a wide range of facilities that make them a prime target for Nigerians and ex-pats looking to relocate to Lagos.

There are several Properties for rent in Lagos, which encompasses both the Lagos mainland and island. The Lagos Mainland properties are relatively affordable and because it is a hub of commercial activities in the state, there are many available rental and commercial properties like Flats and apartments, office space, workstations, schools, warehouses, tank farms, halls, single rooms and duplexes for rent in Ikeja, Gbagada, Yaba, Oshodi, Surulere, Ogudu, Ojota, Apapa, and Ebute-Metta which are known to be the Central Business District that gives more exposure to business people. 

There are different Houses for rent on the Lagos mainland that are quite affordable, of different types like; bungalows, Detached houses, duplexes,  self contain, semi-Detached Houses, Flats, apartments, and boy's quarters apartments.  These properties for rent in Lagos state are available in popular areas such as; Ikeja, Maryland, Yaba, Gbagada, Ikotun, Egbeda, Surulere, Ojota, Berger, and Ojuelegba among others within an affordable price range depending on the location and size of the apartment.

The number of houses for rent on Lagos Island is high because so many people want to live in this affluent part of the country and the opportunities available. Although apartments for rent on Lagos Island are often expensive, you can be sure that you'll enjoy the tranquil atmosphere, superb security, and a range of features that exude comfort and luxury.

What is the average price of Filling Stations For Rent In Lagos?

The average price of Filling Stations For Rent In Lagos is ₦11,000,000.

What is the price of the most expensive Filling Stations For Rent In Lagos?

The price of the most expensive Filling Stations For Rent In Lagos is ₦40,000,000.

What is the price of the cheapest Filling Stations For Rent In Lagos?

The price of the cheapest Filling Stations For Rent In Lagos is ₦10,000,000.

How many Filling Stations For Rent In Lagos are available ?

There are 4 available Filling Stations For Rent In Lagos.
Neighbourhood Guide

Lagos - Exploring the Dynamic Heart of Nigeria

Introduction Nestled in the southwestern part of Nigeria, Lagos stands as a city of paradoxes. It's a place where chaos and calm coexist, where the hustle of everyday life merges with moments of exuberant celebration. Lagos, the smallest state in Nigeria by land area but the largest by population and economic might, is a city that never sleeps, always bustling and brimming with life. The Cultural Melting Pot Lagos, historically a Yoruba port city, has evolved into a melting pot of cultures, thanks to migration from across Nigeria and beyond. This cultural diversity is the heartbeat of Lagos, reflected in its music, art, and culinary scene. The city is the birthplace of Afrobeat, a genre that mixes traditional Nigerian music with jazz and funk. Its art scene is thriving, with galleries like the Nike Art Gallery showcasing traditional and contemporary African art. Economic Powerhouse Lagos is Nigeria's economic powerhouse. It hosts one of Africa's largest and busiest ports, facilitating a significant portion of the country's international trade. The city's economy is diverse, with thriving industries in finance, technology, and entertainment. Lagos is also home to Nollywood, Nigeria's film industry, which is one of the largest in the world, producing films that are immensely popular across Africa and the diaspora. A City of Contrasts The city's landscape is a study in contrasts - from the opulent neighborhoods of Victoria Island and Lekki, adorned with luxury homes, to the densely populated and vibrant streets of Ikeja and Surulere. Lagos is also home to Makoko, often dubbed the "Venice of Africa," a shantytown built on stilts in the Lagos Lagoon, highlighting the city's stark socio-economic disparities. Challenges and Resilience Like many megacities, Lagos faces its share of challenges - overpopulation, traffic congestion, and infrastructure deficits. Yet, the city's resilience is evident. The Lagos State Government's efforts in infrastructural development, such as the ongoing construction of the Lagos Metro Rail, exemplify the city's commitment to addressing these challenges. A Haven for Foodies The culinary landscape in Lagos is as diverse as its population. From street vendors selling local delicacies like suya (spicy grilled meat) and puff-puff (a deep-fried dough) to upscale restaurants offering international cuisines, the city caters to all palates. The local seafood, thanks to Lagos' coastal location, is a must-try. The Spirit of Festivity Lagosians know how to celebrate. The city's calendar is dotted with festivals, the most famous being the Eyo Festival, a traditional Yoruba event filled with cultural dances, dramatic costumes, and a carnival-like atmosphere. Lagos also hosts the annual Lagos Fashion Week, showcasing the best of African fashion. Conclusion Lagos is more than just a city; it's an experience. Its relentless energy, diverse population, and vibrant culture make it not just the economic but also the cultural heartbeat of Nigeria. To visit Lagos is to immerse oneself in a city that embodies the spirit of Africa - dynamic, ever-changing, and resilient.