4 Simple Garden Tips

  | 2 min read

A little greenery around or by your property will add some colour to your surroundings. Gardening is considered a recreational activity of some people, both men and women alike. For some it’s the feel of raw earth as they cultivate and others it’s the thrill of seeing a young seedling they’ve nurtured bloom; but not everyone is able to achieve the later. This might be because you haven’t done some necessary things as you ought to. Below are four major gardening necessities:

Watering and sunlight access
Plants require water to grow properly. You must have a proper regimen for giving them water. Avoid over-watering however. That might have a counter-effect for some plants that do not require too much water. And sunlight is to plants what food is to humans. Ensure they have enough of it, without obstruction.

Grouping like plants and spacing
Perhaps you want a variety of plants in your garden. It is foolhardy to clump them up together. There was be a form of spacing, so each plant can have access to sufficient resources that it needs. Resources being soil nutrients and moisture. It is also good practice to plant similar plants together, or close together. Plants differ in how deep their roots go, how hardy they are. Sowing a hardy plant by a less hardy one might result in the former stifling the later, and in extreme cases killing the latter if it has weed-like tendencies.

Those malignancies cannot be spared; destroy them! Weeds are to plants what cancer is to animals. They compete with plants for everything. They could be quite stubborn, and it is in your best interest to exterminate them as soon as you see them spring up.

The plants in your  garden might not be blooming because the soil isn’t fertile enough. Consult a horticulturist or gardening book on this one to know what sort of fertilizer to use on your soil. Dunk can prove very helpful here also, even though people might be skeptical because of an impending smell. It’s dunk after all. But it might be what will make the difference anyway. If you aren’t ok with it, go for the option of fertilizers like NPK.