Area Guide and List of Streets in Maitama Phase 1 Abuja

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Area Guide and List of Streets in Maitama Phase 1 Abuja

Maitama is a tranquil, wealthy neighborhood with a high standard of living. The cost of living in the area is very expensive as a result. Due to its exclusivity, this region contains many of the most costly homes in the city.

The Maitama neighborhood is tightly guarded. The district is characterized by streets of standalone mansions as opposed to the many gated housing estates found in the outlying Abuja districts. Depending on size, land and houses in Maitama often sell for more than 1 billion Naira.

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The first area that springs to mind when speaking of grandeur and elegance is Maitama District, which is located in Abuja’s Phase 1 Area. Middle-class and low-income earners have a difficult time affording the expense of living in this location. Transcorp Hilton, Sheraton Hotel, Ministers’ Hill, Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), British Council, Independent National Electoral Commission, Millenium Park, INEC, Merrit House, Holy Trinity Catholic Church, and others are a few of Maitama’s well-known landmarks. Maitama is also home to the majority of Embassies and High Commissions.

The area’s two most well-known hospitals are the Abuja Clinic and the Maitama District Hospital. Maitama Shopping Complex, Habiba Plaza, 911 Mall, and 212 Superstores are a few of the shopping centers in Maitama. The Centagon International School, El’amin Secondary School, Cradle to Crayon, Napo Private School, and others are popular educational institutions in Maitama. The exciting locations in Maitama include Sinclair Guest House, Summerset Continental Hotel, Villa Picasso Hotels, and Albasha, to name a few.


Maitama is close to Katampe to the west, Wuse to the southwest, Mpape to the north, and Abuja Central Area to the south. There is a vast road system. Shehu Shagari Way, Aguiyi Ironsi Street, the Nnamdi Azikiwe Expressway, and the Murtala Mohammed Expressway are all important roadways.

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List of Streets in Maitama Abuja

  • Akore Cr․
  • Amsteam St․
  • Asa St․
  • Barawa St․
  • Cesteem St․
  • Challawa Cr․
  • Cuito St․
  • Komoe Cr․
  • Lake Cha Cr․
  • Limropo St․
  • Madeira St․
  • Ngadda Cr․
  • Nue St․
  • Ofiki St․
  • Ona Cr․
  • Onega St․
  • Ontario Cr․
  • Onwul Cr․
  • Orange Cr․
  • Osse St.
  • Punji Cr․
  • Rio Gaia St․
  • Rudolf St․
  • Sambreiro Cr․
  • Tana St․
  • Taraba Cr․
  • Usuma St․
  • Volta Cr․
  • Wuye Cr․
  • Yapa St․
  • Zaire Cr․
  • Zambezi Cr․
  • Zamfara Cr․
  • Aguyi Ironsi St.
  • Alvan Ikoko Way
  • Amazon St․
  • Batanji Cr․
  • Danube St․
  • Dep. St․
  • Erie Cr․
  • Euphrates St․
  • Gana St․
  • Ganges St․
  • Ibrahim Babangida Way
  • Inner Northern Express Way
  • Katsina Ala Cr․
  • Kunene Cr․
  • Lena Cr․
  • Mississippi St.
  • Murtala Mohd (N) Way
  • Nile St․
  • Nnamdi Azikwe Way
  • North Transit Way
  • Orinaco Cr․
  • Osun St․
  • Panama St․
  • Rhine St․
  • Rima St․
  • Ruwana St․
  • Sangha St.
  • Shasha Cr․
  • Shehu Shagari (N) Way
  • Shehu Yaradua Way
  • Tanganyika St․
  • Tennesse Cr․
  • Tubo Cr․
  • Uruguay St․
  • Vaal St․
  • Vananern Cr․
  • Vattern St․
  • Volga St.
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