5 Bedroom Design Mistakes

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Decorating your bedroom isn’t all about buying expensive furniture and splashing them all over your bedroom. It doesn’t work that way, which is precisely why you might find yourself making the same bedroom design mistakes that homeowners frequently make.
To make it easier for you, we will lay out 5 of the most common bedroom design mistakes as well as what you can do to correct these mistakes.

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1. Oversized Bed
No matter how tempted you are to buy an oversized bed, please don’t do it. The exception to this is if you have an extremely large bedroom that gives you plenty of room to play with.
However, if your bedroom isn’t so large, avoid excessively large beds because they talk up quite a lot of walking space in the room. Besides that, a huge bed can leave you with a jarring visual effect in your bedroom.
What Should You Do?
You should opt for a bed that is appropriate in dimension to the dimension of your bedroom. You don’t have to strive to cover so much space with your bed when designing your bedroom.

2. Too Many Accessories
A good bedroom is one that is a reflection of your personality. One way to achieve this is by having accessories that appeal to you as well as souvenirs, wall arts and books. You should, however, understand that loading your bedroom with books and every single souvenir and accessory you like will leave you with a cluttered bedroom. This is one bedroom design mistake you have to avoid by all means
What Should You Do?
Pick out the accessories and other items that you treasure the most and arrange them in your bedroom without making glaring bedroom design mistakes.

3. Pushing the Limits
It’s okay to get creative with your interior design but you should remember that there are certain limits you still need to honour. In a situation where you opt for an integrated bedroom-bathroom plan, it becomes easier to slide into making one of the common bedroom design mistakes – throwing everything open. Leaving your windows uncovered can leave you open; without the kind of privacy that your bedroom deserves.
What Should You Do?
You can transform your bedroom into a public spa by integrating it with a bathroom but you still need to consider throwing in a modesty partition, frosted glass or even a curtain. This helps you achieve 2 things – It gives your bedroom the open-air design you were aiming for as well as giving you an air of privacy.

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4. Loud Colours
Your bedroom design should be neither a boring space in your home nor a room that looks like a toy store. Picking bold and loud colours for your bedroom is a huge design mistake. This is because colours like orange, lemon green, red and yellow are better suited for rooms in your home that are known for high energy activities. Kitchen and dining areas fall into these categories.
What Should You Do?
If you take a cue from colour psychology in relation to interior design, you should consider blue hues. Studies have shown that such colours help you sleep better and make your bedroom more soothing. If you are into shades of blue, consider neutral colours or earth tones.

5. Neglecting Balance
One of the most common bedroom design mistakes is to make your bedroom so heavy on one side that it has the feeling of a room that’s swimming in space. A common example of this is having a bed flanked by two side tables.
What Should You Do?
You need to spread things out in the bedroom. This is something you can be tempted to overlook especially if you are the kind of person who likes having everything close to the bed. The easiest way to achieve balance with your bedroom design is to carve out a separate function area. This could be a sitting area or a part of the bedroom where you can read.

Bedroom Design Mistakes - Private Property Nigeria

Final Thoughts on Bedroom Design Mistakes
Regardless of the design, you settle for, your bedroom should be a place you always look forward to retreating to. Bedroom design mistakes are not difficult to make but if you follow the interior tips we have shared with you, it puts you in a position to make more informed decisions. Make your bedroom design an extension of your personality without going overboard.

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