8 Home Buying Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore

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- Home Buying Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore

Buying a house is a big decision and because it is such a big deal, you don’t want to make the grave mistake a buying a house that will fill you with layers of regrets.

There are good homes and there are bad homes. A good home is one that you will be glad you bought some years down the line. However, a bad home is one that you find yourself wishing you had never bought.

Are there warning signs that you can look out for before you make that decision to buy a house? Yes, there are and in the lines that follow, we will share some warning signs you should be on the lookout for.

House Inspection - Home Buying Warning Signs

No Room For Inspection

Inspection is an essential part of buying a house. If you ever catch the vibe that the seller does not want you to carry out an inspection, take the cue and walk away if you can.

One of the signs that a seller is not being honest with you is the fact that he/she will make it extremely difficult for you to carry out an inspection of the property you are about to buy.

Bad Plumbing System

Save yourself a ton of stress by checking out the plumbing system of the house you are about to buy. How do you do this? Check the sinks, toilets, tubs as well as the showers to ascertain the condition of the house’s plumbing system.

Ensure the house also has a adequate water pressure. You might also want to check out the house’s septic tank. Flush the water closet multiple times to see if there is a leak somewhere.

If the plumbing of a house is bad, there are chances that there are several other things in the house that you have to worry about.

Leaking Roof - Home Buying Warning Signs

Leaking and Damaged Roof

A house with a leaking roof naturally takes away your peace. If you discover that the house you are interested in has a leaking roof, do yourself a favour by staying away from such a house.

The only alternative to this is if you are ready to take up the responsibility of fixing a leaking roof. Instead of putting yourself through the trouble of doing this, you might as well keep searching until you find a house that doesn’t put an extra strain on your budget.

When inspecting a property, be on the lookout for signs of a damaged roof. Such signs include water stains on the ceiling and walls, water spots on the exterior walls, algae growing on the shingles and much more.

Foundation Problems

If you inspect a house and you spot one or more parts of the floor cracked, tread carefully. Any crack that is wider than the width of your pinky nail should be met with a red flag.

Check around the corners of the house especially hard surface floors to be sure that you’re not on the verge of buying a house with a poor foundation.

Dangerous Street - Home Buying Warning Signs

The Neighbourhood

Talking to people who reside in the neighbourhood where the house is sited is one of the fastest ways to get information about the house you are interested in buying.

Create time to walk around the neighbourhood and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask intelligent questions and you’ll be surprised at the wealth of information you will be provided with.

If, for instance, quite a number of homes within the neighbourhood are up for sale, it might hint towards the fact that house and neighbourhood are not as great as they appeared in the listing.

A bad neighbourhood will have a negative impact on the value of your property.

Water Ravaged House

There are houses that have been ravaged by water to the point that they create moulds on the walls of your home. Ensure you check out the bathrooms and entire plumbing layout of the house.

Damage caused by water within a house is expensive to repair. You don’t want to have the financial burden of repairing a water-ravaged house on your hands.

In a case where you are in doubt of the level of damage caused by the water, consult a professional to help assess the damage done and how this can be controlled.

Police in Nigeria - Home Buying Warning Signs

Security and Safety

Would you buy a house that 2 of its previous owners were robbed while another was killed inside his bedroom? Your security and safety should never be taken for granted.

Ask questions within the neighbourhood to know how many robbery incidents the neighbourhood has experienced in the last 6 months. Some areas are quite prone to robberies. No matter how good a deal you are getting from buying a property, it isn’t worth risking your life over.

Proximity to Basic Amenities

Would you buy a duplex for a very affordable price because the seller built the house at a location that does not have the basic amenities that makes living comfortable?

If a house is not close to good schools, medical facilities and other amenities, don’t be in a hurry to take up an offer on such a property.

Final Thoughts

One good way to avoid buying a house you will not be happy about is to ask questions. You are bound to discover things that will help you make more informed decisions.

You should also be open to making a little compromise here and there but remember that if you are not comfortable with any part of the house, you are free to walk away. There will always be other deals in the future.

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