Most Beautiful Beaches To Visit In Lekki

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Most Beautiful Beaches To Visit In Lekki

It is a regular occurrence that every resident of Lagos and visitors too are always eager to visit the beaches in Lagos state. There are many beaches that people would want to see in Lekki and have fun. These beaches can either be public or private and they always have amazing sight seeing events that spice your stay there. Lekki is also known as the land of Beaches in Lagos, Nigeria.

Lekki is well known for its beaches and opulent real estate. If you love the ocean, there are many beaches on the Lekki Peninsula in Lagos, Nigeria, where you can choose the ideal beach for you. These Lekki beaches attract tourists from all around the world. Even many Lagos residents may justify taking a weekend trip to the beach. You don’t need to search very far if you’re wondering what Lekki’s top seaside entertainment alternatives are.

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Here are the top Beaches in Lekki you should visit;

 Lekki Beach

Most Beautiful Beaches To Visit In Lekki

You enjoy the best of both worlds at the resort located on Lekki Beach. It is the epitome of an opulent coastal vacation. Even if you’re close to the beach, you may still engage in a variety of activities. Golf, swimming, tennis, and a spa near to the beach are more activities you can enjoy. Additionally, there are many of possibilities to go shopping and see live performances. This location enables you to mix business with pleasure if you so want. For any occasion, it has private conference, eating, and banquet rooms. It is also ideal for a retreat from the office. There’s no need to worry if you have any inquiries concerning eating. At this beach, you can unwind and chill.

Elegushi Royal Beach

Most Beautiful Beaches To Visit In Lekki

Possibly the busiest beach in Lekki is Elegushi Royal Beach. The Ikate neighborhood of Lekki is home to this exclusive beach. The Elegushi royal family in Lekki, Lagos state, owns the beach. It is home to popular hangouts, first-rate eateries where you can sample delectable regional cuisine, and nightclubs where you can experience a range of live performances.

There are gyms on the beach as well. For fun seekers, this is the normal fun zone. People find it difficult to sort through the multiple possibilities for beach activities because there are so many different beach activities to participate in.

When at the beach, you’ll undoubtedly find something to do to pass the time. You can visit the beach at any time, so there’s no need to worry. The busiest time to visit this beach is at night. Copa Lagos, a renowned beach soccer competition featuring the top teams from every continent, is another event held on the beach. The beach’s beautiful sands and undulating waves that lap the shoreline are further drawing. For everyone, it offers the maximum amount of enjoyment and relaxation.

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There are no limitations on what you can bring to this beach, but just avoid leaving any trash behind.

Eleko Beach

Most Beautiful Beaches To Visit In Lekki

One of Lagos’s oldest beaches is the Eleko beach. The beach, which is tranquil and was established in 1989, is only 45 minutes drive from Ikoyi and is situated around 30 miles east of Lagos Island. It typically offers a peaceful, quiet environment because it is removed from the city’s bustle. On weekdays, this beach is often calm; but, on weekends, it gets fairly crowded. There are several tiny privately owned beach cottages on the palm-lined beach.

You can hire a beach cottage for the day and even have a barbecue prepared for you. For stylish Lagosians, the beach is a favorite destination. The beach is a lovely, tranquil place that is ideal for families and fun-lovers. There are numerous sporting activities available for spectators of all ages. Compared to Elegushi and Alpha beaches, this beach is much more serene. You must use caution if you want to enter the water because there may not be a lifeguard on duty. There is a tiny market nearby the beach where you can purchase fish, veggies, and other goods, but you’ll need to take a drop taxi to get there.

Atican Beach

Most Beautiful Beaches To Visit In Lekki

The beautiful privately owned beach is called Atican beach. It is situated on Abraham Adesanya Estate Road in Lagos State’s newly developed Lekki Phase 2 neighborhood. You can go to the beach from Abraham-Adesanya Estate in 10 minutes by car. You shouldn’t be concerned because the road is well tarred. One of the better-managed private beaches in the area, the beach is carefully maintained. The beach is home to a wide variety of attractions, including guest rooms for lodging, a children’s playground, basketball and beach volleyball courts, a billiard table, baboons, barbecue and asun stalls, a nightclub, and several beachside chalets, concert platforms, and more.

In Lagos state, this beach is a cutting-edge tourism destination.

It is the ideal location for family relaxation, weekend getaways, and entertaining occasions. Head out to Atican Beach resort if you’re craving isolation in a delightful natural setting. The best aspect is that it is reasonably priced.

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Santa Cruz Beach

Most Beautiful Beaches To Visit In Lekki

A fun private beach called Santa Cruz Beach is close to Abraham Adesanya Estate, Negombo Road, and Lekki Phase 2. This beach is near Atican beach and is situated in a tranquil area. This beach is always a fun location to visit and has hosted a lot of celebrity beach parties. The beach is well-maintained and tidy. There are numerous activities for people of all ages there, in addition to a bar.

This beach is so lovely that a beach wedding may be held there. You won’t have to worry about your guests’ safety because security is provided here around the clock. If you want to unwind with your family or go on vacation, this is the place to go. The ideal amount of isolation and fun can be found by the beach.

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