Property Selling: 3 Tips on Convincing a Buyer To Purchase a Property

  | 3 min read

Selling in many ways is a game of the mind. The seller must understand the psychology of buyers, how they think, what they want to hear. Doing otherwise might see you losing them to the competition. A good sales pitch can make a great deal of difference, and a word out of place can destroy all efforts you’ve made in trying to convince a buyer to purchase your property. Here are 3 basic guidelines you mustn’t deviate from:

Putting Your Best Foot Forward
It is important to not air your dirty laundry to the buyer and of course I mean this figuratively. Rather than flaunt the flaws of your property, you do yourself a great service by putting its best features in the fore front. That’s putting your best foot forward. Every customer has specific needs, for which he or she can forego any other shortcoming. A good and wise property manager or seller will figure this out on time and present this to the potential if they exist in the property for the sale. Once this is achieved, hardly will the buyer decide not to buy. After all you’re giving him what he really wants.

Show a Genuine Interest for The Buyer
Everybody, even if in the smallest degree, wants to be the center of the world. Call it vain but people think and feel this way, especially when they think they are doing you a favour. Discerning buyers might be able to smell your lack of interest in their welfare from a mile away. And this is never good. It makes them presume that you’re only interested in selling off the property, not caring if it truly meets what they really want and need. It never hurts to be a little friendly and to show a little empathy. This will make the buyer trust you and be more open to hearing why he or she should buy the property you have to sell.

Communicate, Persist and Invent Strategies to Sell Per Buyer
The property seller must be able to articulate why the customer should buy the property. You can’t convince someone without effectively communicating with that person. The potential buyer might not be giving a green light at the initial stage, but the property seller must keep at it, follow him or her through and be inventive and creative in trying to sell the property. The right approach for buyer A may not necessarily be the same for buyer B. Find out what each buyer really wants and communicate it to him or her, and with believable evidence of course.