Top School Neighbourhoods in Ibadan

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Top School Neighbourhoods in Ibadan - Private Property

The decision of getting a good school for your son or daughter is a very personal choice. If you live in Ibadan, there are several neighbourhoods to choose from but ultimately, you want the best for your child.

You don’t have to go through the stress of visiting every single school in Ibadan before you pick one to enrol your child in. We have made this simpler by helping you identify the tops school neighbourhoods in Ibadan as well as highlighting the elements that make them stand out for your child.

Jericho GRA in Ibadan - Private Property

Jericho GRA

This neighbourhood in Ibadan is known for its astonishing mansions and luxury homes but that’s not all. It’s also known for being home to Lead City International School; one of the top schools in the city.

Residents of this neighbourhood are retired top army officials, prominent politicians, expatriates and a growing number of distinguished members of the society.

Lead City International School is equipped with modern sporting facilities, which includes a full-size football pitch, computer laboratory, basic technology workshop, fine-art room, music room, dining hall, a basketball court, a badminton court, a borehole and a generator to complement electricity supply. The school also has boarding facilities.

Renting an Apartment: Apartments for rent in Jericho GRA fall between the range of N600,000 for a 2-bedroom apartment to N2.5 million for a 4 bedroom apartment.

Buying a House: Planning to buy a house in Jericho GRA, your budget should fall between N40 million for a 4-bedroom duplex to N70 million for a luxury 5-bedroom terrace house.

Awotan in Ibadan - Private Property


This district has its fair share of prominent schools in Ibadan and the first school on its list is the Lifeforte International Schools. Finding your way to the school is quite easy as described on its website.

The school is a co-educational Private Christian Institution, consisting of the Preschool, Junior and High Schools for children between the ages of 3-18 years. It was founded on the 5th of November 1990 by Pastor Olubi and Sarah Johnson.

Lifeforte alumni are recipients of academic prizes and accolades from top universities including Harvard University, Stanford University, London School of Economics, Imperial College, University College London, and California Institute of Technology and McGill University.

Renting an Apartment: If you’re looking to relocate to Ibadan, apartments for rent in Awotan have their rents pegged between N200,000 for a 3-bedroom bungalow and N500,000 for a 3-bedroom duplex.

Buying a House: If you would rather buy a house in Awotan, a 4-bedroom detached bungalow would cost you between N15 million and N50 million.

Bodija in Ibadan - Private Property


Bodija is a classy neighbourhood in Ibadan. It gained prominence with the development of like-named high brow estate shortly after the Independence of Nigeria. There are two of such estates within the city; Old Bodija and New Bodija. The prime estate is home to many popular schools within the state. It is also home to Bodija Market which is one of the largest Markets in Ibadan.

One of the most popular schools in Bodija is the Bodija International College. It has a nursery and primary school, a junior school and a senior school. The school has impressive boarding facilities with strong emphasis on safety.

This neighbourhood also has schools like Kings & Queen Schools, ABI International School, British African Private International School, Alkingsdale High School and the African American International Christian School.

Bodija is also home to the Ibadan Business School; a Business Education Institution set up to primarily address the capacity needs of Public Governance Business, Private Sectors such as Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises and individual members of the populace.

Renting an Apartment: Renting a 3-bedroom duplex in Bodija will cost you between N400,000 and N2 million.

Buying a House: Your budget for buying a house should fall between N45 million for a 4-bedroom detached duplex and N80 million for a 6 bedroom detached duplex.

Oluyole in Ibadan - Private Property


Not many neighbourhood rival Oluyole in terms of popularity and social activities. The neighbourhood is known for its beautiful estates and the free-flowing lifestyle of its residents.

Some of the schools in the neighbourhood are Christ Ambassadors International College, Atanda International High School, Peak to Peak International School, Daveliz Golden Schools, Richmab International School, Oluyole Private School and The Concord School. Music, arts and culture form a vital part of students’ experience at The Concord School and the institution is made up of the pre-school, the preparatory and the high school.

Other schools in the district are Rhema Chapel International College and the British Preparatory School. The latter is a co-educational prep for children aged 3 months to 11 years. At the school, the English National Curriculum is used as a basis for children in Years 1 to 6, with particular emphasis on Nigerian social studies and culture wherever possible.

Renting an Apartment: A 3-bedroom apartment in Oluyole goes for between N400,000 and N4 million.

Buying a House: You need between N35 million and N80 million to buy a house in Oluyole especially if you are looking at a minimum of a 4-bedroom home.

Iyaganku GRA in Ibadan - Private Property

Iyaganku GRA

Iyaganku GRA in Ibadan is another fine neighbourhood. It’s peaceful, serene and popular for being home to the office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

This is where The Vale College in Ibadan is located and it isn’t a coincidence. Iyaganku has a rich history of having some of the best schools in Ibadan. This explains the establishment of the Ibadan International School (IIS) within this district. The school has a pre-school, a junior school and a senior school as well as an A-Level programme.

Ibadan International School provides a broad, international curriculum that enables its students to continue their education anywhere in the world. The Pre-school and Junior School sections of the school follow the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) and the school is an authorized IB World School. In the Senior School Section, the students follow the IGCSE curriculum.

Renting an Apartment: To rent a 4-bedroom apartment in Iyaganku GRA in Ibadan, your budget should sit between N1.7 million and N3.2 million.

Buying a House: A 3 bedroom terraced duplex in Iyaganku will cost you between N32 million and N150 million.

Final thoughts…

Whether you are relocating to Ibadan from another state or just moving within the state, the choice of where you live and where your child’s school is located is as important as the child’s education itself.

The neighbourhoods, schools, apartment renting options and house buying price range in Ibadan will help you make a better decision of where you should enrol your child as well as deciding on your next residence.

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