Sneak Peek into P-Square’s amazing Banana Island Mansion

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Sneak Peek into P-Square’s amazing Banana Island Mansion

A look inside P-Square’s N1.5 billion state-of-the-art home

How would you feel if you could live in the home of Nigeria’s music sensation, P-Square? Would you be excited or overwhelmed? The Okoye brothers frequently share pictures of their new home with fans on their social media accounts and the rest of the world, so let’s take a peek.

P-Square's Banana Island house (4)Sources reveal that the new property is estimated to worth about N1.5 billion and is currently occupied by the Okoye twins, their elder brother and manager, Jude Engees Okoye as well as their three wives and children.

P-Square's Banana Island house (1)The location

Banana Island is one of Nigeria’s most affluent neighbourhoods that boasts of unrivalled grandeur and effortless opulence. You have to be insanely rich to rent or buy an apartment in this neighbourhood.

P-Square's Banana Island house (9)

Just to paint the picture, for you to rent an apartment on Banana Island, you need to have a minimum of N7 million. The breakdown of this shows that you need to be able to set aside N584,000 monthly from your monthly earning to be able to afford your rent annually.

P-Square's Banana Island house (3)

The fact that P-Square’s home is domiciled within Banana Island is a clear reminder that this neighbourhood is by default, designed for the rich.

P-Square's Banana Island house (4)

Residents of Banana Island are obscenely rich as glimpsed from the quality of houses within the neighbourhood.

The size of land

Homeowners on Banana Island are not known to be modest with land size. Instead, the norm for homes in the neighbourhood are mansions built on a large expanse of land. For other types of homes, facilities like swimming pools, gyms, garages and staff quarters take up a considerable amount of space. This is a trait that P-Square’s house has.

P-Square's Banana Island house (2)

Building materials

The materials used to build homes on Banana Island are some of the very best that money can buy, which is one of the factors responsible for the high cost of renting a space or buying a property on the island.

P-Square's Banana Island house (3)Materials like the quality of copper used for wiring, plumbing systems, roofing materials, bricks, heating system, Air Conditioning setup, windows, tiles (including interlocking tiles and marble) and doors are all expensive preferences of homeowners on Banana Island.

P-Square's Banana Island house (4)Houses like the one owned by the Okoye brothers are not built on a slim budget. Rather, they are built to be flamboyant, stylish and reflect the financial might of their respective owners.

P-Square's Banana Island house (21)

It is crucial to be sure that you can afford to buy high-quality building materials if you are to build a home like the one owned by the Okoye twins. In case the property has already been built like the one P-Square owns, you should expect the cost of the building to reflect the cost of building the house.

P-Square's Banana Island house (5)Furnishing the house

As you might have guessed, Paul Okoye and Peter Okoye have a soft spot for the art and this includes paintings, which have hung up on walls around their home.

As a direct result of the affluent taste and preferences of P-Square, the paintings and ornaments in their home are quite remarkable. They have a very colourful painting hung up in the living room on the ground floor and another in the lounge of the first floor.

P-Square's Banana Island house (6)The lounge on the second floor also has an orange, yellow and black themed painting hanging directing over a grey set of sofa. The bar on the ground floor also has a colourful painting hanging over a dark shade of grey.

P-Square's Banana Island house (8)The house also has a rich collection of embellished sculpture. Some of these include the bright coloured vases, a miniature elephant, exotic mirrors and a beautiful piano downstairs.

P-Square's Banana Island house (7)The theme of the first floor isn’t as colourful as what the twins have downstairs. Instead of the bright coloured theme that they chose for the ground floor, the first floor has an assortment of silver coloured artefacts and sculptural pieces. A peek at the lounge reveals a silver jaguar and silver coloured vases and expensive ornaments. Indeed the Okoye twins live like kings.

P-Square's Banana Island house (16)

The kitchen has a dominant white theme with a touch of red on the wall area directly in front of the sink as well as red chairs around a sparkling white table. The kitchen also has a red vase, red pendant light fittings as well as a 42-inch TV. The flower vase in the kitchen is also a shade of red with its wine colour.

P-Square's Banana Island house (17)

What you need to earn to buy the house

Let’s do a little mathematics on how hard a salary earner would have to put aside to own the keys to this gigantic house. At N1.5 billion, what this means for you a salary earner is that you have to earn a minimum of N125 million monthly. Are you surprised? Don’t be stunned just yet. Rather, let’s break this down a little further. To buy the home that currently belongs to the Okoye brothers, you would have to earn at least N721,153 per hour. Yes, this is how much you need to earn if you plan to buy P-Square’s house in the space of one year. Did we hear you say it’s too expensive? Of course, it is.

P-Square's Banana Island house (18)

The P-Square mansion

P-Square’s mansion is on 3 floors consisting of 6 en-suite bedrooms. It also has a master suite with walk-in closets/dressing rooms as well as a massive bathroom suite. The house has two huge living rooms, a cinema room, a gym, a laundry room and a fully fitted kitchen. The house also has a large pantry, a swimming pool and a music studio.

P-Square's Banana Island house (19)Maintenance of the home

How much does it take to maintain P-Square’s mansion? A typical service charge for an apartment in Victoria Island is pegged at between N1.8 million and N3 million (exclusive of the rent). Meanwhile, the service charge for a 3 bedroom or 5 bedroom space in Banana Island ranges between N2 million and N3 million. It takes a minimum of N184,500 on fuel monthly to supply electricity to the house if you decide to run on a generator for 24 hours daily. This calculation is based on the assumption that you use a generator that runs on diesel, which currently sells at N205 per litre. The maintenance of the house will also cover the cost of hiring a housekeeper especially for a family that travels frequently. Your housekeeper will be in charge of things like:

  • Cleaning the kitchen sink disposal
  • Inspecting your fire extinguishers
  • Ensuring all rooms in the home are clean and organised
  • Constantly inspecting the kitchen
  • Running water and flush toilets in unused spaces
  • Giving your house a deep clean biannually
  • Replacing the batteries in smoke detectors.
  • Checking the home’s exterior drainage
  • Inspecting the exterior of your house
  • Getting your air conditioning system serviced
  • Checking the trees around the home for interference with electric lines

P-Square's Banana Island house (2)

As you might have guessed, all these boils down to how experienced your housekeeper is.

The facts raised above are some of the things you will take into consideration if you currently have plans to buy P-Square’s Banana Island home. However, you should bear in mind that there are numerous alternatives open to you if you plan to buy a house on Banana Island on a budget of between N120 million and N600 million.

P-Square's Banana Island house (12)

P-Square's Banana Island house (20)

P-Square's Banana Island house (22)

P-Square's Banana Island house (23)

P-Square's Banana Island house (24) P-Square's Banana Island house (26)

Now that you know all these about P-Square’s home, is this the kind of home you would love to raise your family in?

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