List of Streets in Ibadan (Best Cities to Live)

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best areas to live in ibadan

About Ibadan

Ibadan is a major city in Nigeria and serves as the capital of Oyo State, located in the southwestern part of the country. It is one of the largest cities in Africa and has a rich history and cultural heritage.

Ibadan’s history dates back to the 1820s when it was established as a war camp during the Yoruba wars. Over time, it grew into a prominent city, becoming a center of trade, commerce, and administration.

The city is predominantly inhabited by the Yoruba people, and Yoruba is the most widely spoken language. Yoruba culture, traditions, and festivals play a significant role in the daily life of the city’s residents. Ibadan is renowned for its educational institutions, including the University of Ibadan, which is the oldest university in Nigeria and one of the country’s top institutions of higher learning.

The city’s economy is diverse, with sectors such as agriculture, commerce, and manufacturing playing vital roles. Ibadan is known for its vibrant markets, which attract traders and buyers from across the region. Ibadan boasts several landmarks and tourist attractions, such as the Mapo Hall, Agodi Gardens, University of Ibadan Zoological Garden, and the Cocoa House, which was the first skyscraper in West Africa.

The city is well-connected by road and has a network of public transportation, including buses and taxis. It is accessible from other major cities in Nigeria. Like much of Nigeria, Ibadan is religiously diverse, with Islam and Christianity being the predominant religions, and traditional African religions also being practiced by some communities.

Overall, Ibadan is a bustling city with a vibrant cultural scene, historical significance, and economic importance in Nigeria and the West African region. You can see the best neighborhoods to live in Ibadan.

List of Streets in Ibadan, Oyo State

  • Abdul Azeez Arisekola Mosque Road
  • Adekile Koloko St
  • Adekile Street
  • Adeleori Compound
  • Adeniji Street
  • Adeyalo Layout
  • Adeyelu Kehinsi Street
  • Adeyinka Kolapo Street
  • Adigun Ave
  • Adisa Olugbade Cl
  • Agbele Street
  • Akajewole Street
  • Akanran Rd
  • Akerele Street
  • Akinpelu St
  • Akintunde Dickson Street
  • Akintunde Street
  • Alagbede Street
  • Alake St
  • Alarere Old Life Rd
  • Alh. Adetona St
  • Alh. Akinlabi St
  • Alh. Chief M. Dmoniyi St
  • Alh. Latifu Lawal Cl
  • Alh. U Sule Manager St
  • Alhaji R.A. Tawa Street
  • Alhaji Saka Kufeyijin St
  • Alhaji Saka Street
  • Animashaun St
  • Apenin Road
  • Apete Awowo Rd
  • Apostle Ayo Babalola St
  • Araromi Ayekale Street
  • Araromi St
  • Awotunde Olopometa Road
  • Awotunde Rd
  • Ayedaade Street
  • Ayetoro St
  • Baale Adabale St
  • Baale Ogbere Tioye Street
  • Bamgbade St
  • Bolorunduro Street
  • Boripe Street
  • Budale St
  • Chief Julius B. Ojo St
  • Chief Moses Olayipo Osunsina St
  • Chief Olaleiye Street
  • Chief Sunday Ulo Adepoju St
  • Dalemo Street
  • Dele Adesiyan St
  • Efun Rd
  • Emiola Agunbiade Street
  • Gbedemuke Street
  • Gbenga Adeoye Ave
  • Hoil Oloyede Akindele St
  • Ibitoye Street
  • Idi Ahun Road
  • Idi Oro Street
  • Idi Orogbo Street
  • Ifedapo Street
  • Ifelodun St
  • Ifeloju Street
  • Ifesowapo St
  • Irepodun Street
  • Isitola Street
  • Itamerin Road
  • Iwo Rd
  • J. O. Olabiyi St
  • Jegede Street
  • John Kolly Street
  • Johnson Street
  • Joseph Adediran Layout
  • Kajola Street
  • Kazeem Akinbile Ave
  • Koloko-Lagos-Ibadan Express Link Road
  • Kosodo – Gbelekale Street
  • Kuselu Close
  • Lagos – Ojoo Expy
  • Lane 3
  • Lane 4
  • Lane 5C
  • Lane 7
  • Lane 8
  • Lanre Akinpelu Cres
  • Lere Adediji St
  • Modinat Street
  • Mokore St
  • Mosfla Road
  • Mosunnola Balogun St
  • Muraina Odeshola Cres
  • Musilum Road
  • Ode-Ide St
  • Odinio St
  • Odinjo Rd
  • Ogbere Secondary School Road
  • Ogbere Tioya Street
  • Ogbere-Idi Obi Road
  • Ogudare Laoye Rd 3
  • Ogudare Laoye Rd 4
  • Ogundare Laoye Rd 2
  • Ogundele Cl
  • Ojugbede Elebodo Street
  • Oke Itunu Elebolo St
  • Oke-Kote Off Sawmill Old Ife Rd
  • Okikiade Street
  • Olagoke Akano St
  • Olaogun Street
  • Olaoye St
  • Old Barracks Rd
  • Old Ife Rd
  • Olomi Road
  • Olororo Street
  • Olorunsogo Street
  • Olosunde St
  • Olota St
  • Ondo Road
  • Oniyere High School Road
  • Opeymi St
  • Oredebi St
  • Orisunbare Street
  • Orisunmibare Tioya Street
  • Orita Aperin-Beere Rd
  • Owode Street
  • Oyeranmi Street
  • Papa Modinat Street
  • Pegba Rd
  • Pepsi Rd
  • Raimi Amoo St
  • Raji Akinola Street
  • Raji Street
  • Rd 1
  • Rd 102
  • Rd 24
  • Rd 4
  • Rd 5
  • Rd A
  • Reformation Land St
  • Sawia Olorunsogo Akanran Rd
  • Temidire Rd
  • Temitope St
  • Tujuka St
  • Victoria Palace Hotel Road
  • Yembisi Street

In conclusion, Ibadan, Nigeria stands as a dynamic and significant city in the West African region. Its rich history, cultural heritage, and diverse population contribute to its vibrancy and allure. As one of the largest cities in Africa, Ibadan plays a pivotal role in the economic, educational, and social landscape of Nigeria. Its renowned educational institutions, such as the University of Ibadan, have contributed to the city’s intellectual prominence.

With a mix of traditional values and modern developments, Ibadan showcases the fusion of the old and the new. The Yoruba culture and language form the heart of the city’s identity, influencing various aspects of daily life. Its bustling markets, impressive landmarks, and lively festivals add to its charm and appeal.

As time progresses, Ibadan continues to evolve, embracing change while preserving its cultural roots. The city’s economic diversification and strategic location maintain its position as a hub of commerce and trade. Its transportation network and connectivity facilitate regional integration and opportunities which makes it a great place to live.

Christian Nduaguba