List of Streets in Ikoyi, Lagos State

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List of Streets in Ikoyi, Lagos State

Exploring the vibrant neighborhood of Ikoyi in Lagos State, Nigeria? Navigating its intricate network of streets can be an adventure in itself. From the bustling thoroughfares to the hidden gems, this comprehensive list of streets in Ikoyi provides a valuable guide for residents and visitors alike, unlocking the essence of this dynamic urban enclave.

About Ikoyi

Ikoyi, situated in Lagos State, Nigeria, is renowned as one of the most affluent and exclusive neighborhoods in the country. Its rich history, coupled with its prime location on Lagos Island, makes it a sought-after residential and commercial hub.

Originally a British colonial settlement, Ikoyi has evolved into a cosmopolitan area characterized by its leafy avenues, luxury residences, upscale restaurants, and vibrant cultural scene. Home to diplomatic missions, high-end boutiques, and prestigious schools, Ikoyi attracts a diverse community of locals and expatriates alike. With its scenic waterfront views, lush green spaces, and proximity to key business districts, Ikoyi epitomizes modern urban living in Lagos, blending tradition with contemporary sophistication.

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List of Streets in Ikoyi, Lagos State

  • 12th St
  • 2nd St
  • 38 40 Li Ro
  • 6th St
  • 7th St
  • Abayomi Fatusin Cl
  • Acacia Dr
  • Ace Rd
  • Adekunle Lawal Rd
  • Ademola St
  • Adeniji Adele Rd
  • Adeyemi Lawson St
  • Agodogba Ave
  • Ajanwachuku Cl
  • Ajegunle Odo Rd
  • Ajeniya St
  • Akanbi Danmole St
  • Akin Adesola St
  • Akinfosile St
  • Alexander Rd
  • Alfred Rewane Rd
  • Alh. Alade Odunewu St
  • Alh. Kanke St
  • Alhaji Bashorun St
  • Alhaji Masha St
  • Amudo Ogukutu St
  • Aromire Rd
  • Asejire Cl
  • Aso
  • Awolowo Rd
  • Awori Ln
  • Banana Island Rd
  • Bankole Cardoso Ave
  • Bankole Oki St
  • Bashir Dalhatu Cl
  • Bayo Kuku Rd
  • Benson Cl
  • Biaduo St
  • Bode Olajumoke Cres
  • Bose Enenmoth Cl
  • Bourdillon Rd
  • Cameron Road
  • Cedar Cl
  • Choi St
  • Chris Alli Cres
  • Cooper Rd
  • Dipcharima Cl
  • Dipo Orepitan Cres
  • Ebony Ln
  • Eko
  • Eko Akete Cl
  • Eleko Cl
  • Eleshin St
  • Elm St
  • Falomo Cl
  • Falomo Roundabout
  • Federal Secretariat Rd
  • Frajend Cl
  • Funsho Martins St
  • Gbenga Ademulegun Ln
  • Gbenga Ashafa St
  • George St
  • Gerrard Road
  • Glover Ct
  • Glover Rd
  • Greenwood House Sch. Rd
  • Grillo St
  • Hameed Kasumu St
  • Ibadan St
  • Ibironke Cres
  • Idanre Cl
  • Idungaran St
  • Igbo St
  • Ige Shonubi Cres
  • Ikoya Ave
  • Ikoyi Club 1938 Rd
  • Ikoyi Cres
  • Ikoyi Rd
  • Ikoyi Towers Rd
  • Ilabere Ave
  • Ilado Cl
  • Inupa Dr
  • Ipeu St
  • Iroko Cl
  • Iru Cl
  • Jabita Cl
  • Joe Faraday St
  • Joshua Okeowo St
  • Kalabari Cl
  • Karimu Giwa St
  • Kebbi St
  • Keffi St
  • King Ologunkutere St
  • Kingsway Cl
  • Kuramo Cl
  • Kwara St
  • Lafiaji Way
  • Lagoon Ave
  • Lalupon Cl
  • Lateef Jakande Ave
  • Lawrence Rd
  • Layi Ajayi-Bembe Rd
  • Lekki – Ikoyi Link Bridge
  • Lugard Ave
  • Mac Donald Rd
  • Macgregor Rd
  • Macpherson Ave
  • Maduike St
  • Magbon Close
  • Mahogany Cl
  • Maitama Sule St
  • Mambilla Cl
  • Manuwa S
  • Maple Cl
  • Mbu Cl
  • Mekunwen Rd
  • Michelle Okocha Cres
  • Milverton Rd
  • Mini of Information Road
  • Mobolaji Johnson Ave
  • Modupe Alakija Cres
  • Moor Rd
  • Mosafejo Close
  • Moseley Rd
  • Moshalashi St
  • Nativity Cl
  • Niger St
  • Norman Williams St
  • Norman Williams Street
  • Oba Adeyinka Oyekan Ave
  • Oba Elegushi Rd
  • Oba Elegushi Rd
  • Obadeyi Cl
  • Obalende Rd
  • Obanodu St
  • Odo Ogun Cl
  • Odo St
  • Ogun St
  • Ojo St
  • Ojomu Rd
  • Ojora Rd
  • Okirika Cl
  • Okotie Eboh Street
  • Okunola Martins Cl
  • Oladipo Diya Cres
  • Olagunsoye Oyinlola Cres
  • Olamijuyin Ave
  • Olawale Dawodu Rd
  • Olofin Rd
  • Olokun Cl
  • Olori Mojisola Onikoyi Ave
  • Oloto Rd ( Forsberry)
  • Olu Holloway Rd
  • Olu Okeowo Cl
  • Olufemi Pedro St
  • Olumegbon Rd
  • Olumo St
  • Olusegun Aina St
  • Olusegun Olusemo
  • Oluwa Rd
  • Ondo St
  • Onikoyi Rd
  • Onilegbale Rd
  • Oniru Rd
  • Onisiwo Rd
  • Onitama Road
  • Oroke Dr
  • Osborne RD
  • Owena St
  • Oyinkan Abayomi Dr
  • Oyo Cl
  • Park View Estate
  • Police Rd
  • Polo Rd
  • Prince Tayo Adesanya St
  • Probyn Cl
  • Prof. Jubril Aminu St
  • Raymond Njoku St
  • Razak Okoya Cres
  • Reeve Rd
  • Remi Olowude Cres
  • Ribadu Rd
  • Ring Rd
  • Rosewood Cl
  • Royal Palm Dr
  • Rumens Rd
  • Ruxton Rd
  • Salvation Dr
  • Second Ave
  • Shell Trustees Cl
  • Sir Tony Eromosele St
  • Souele Cl
  • St Gregory’s College Rd
  • Sumbo Jibowu St
  • Tajudeen Olanrewaju Cl
  • Taofik Lawal St
  • Thompson Ave
  • Tiramiyu Bello Osagie
  • Toyan St
  • Turnbull Rd
  • Udi St
  • Umaru Cl
  • Waring St

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What Makes Ikoyi High Class

Ikoyi stands out for several reasons, making it a truly special neighborhood:

1. Affluence and Luxury:

Known for its opulent mansions, upscale apartments, and high-end amenities, Ikoyi is synonymous with luxury living. It attracts affluent residents, celebrities, and diplomats seeking a lavish lifestyle.

2. Prime Location:

Situated on Lagos Island, Ikoyi enjoys a strategic location close to major business districts, commercial centers, and entertainment hubs. Its proximity to Victoria Island and Lagos Mainland enhances its appeal for both work and leisure.

3. Cultural Diversity:

Ikoyi is a melting pot of cultures, with a diverse population comprising locals, expatriates, and international residents. This cultural richness is reflected in its culinary scene, art galleries, and social gatherings.

4. Historical Significance:

As a former British colonial settlement, Ikoyi boasts a rich history evident in its colonial-era architecture, landmarks, and heritage sites. It retains an old-world charm amidst modern developments.

5. Green Spaces and Waterfront Views:

The neighborhood is adorned with lush parks, gardens, and tree-lined streets, offering residents a serene escape from the bustling city life. Its waterfront promenades provide stunning views of the Lagos Lagoon and Atlantic Ocean.

6. Security and Infrastructure:

Ikoyi is known for its well-planned infrastructure, including reliable utilities, well-maintained roads, and security measures. Gated communities and private estates ensure a safe and secure environment for residents.

7. Exclusive Amenities:

From prestigious clubs and golf courses to world-class restaurants and luxury boutiques, Ikoyi offers an array of exclusive amenities catering to the discerning tastes of its residents.

In conclusion, Ikoyi stands as a beacon of sophistication and elegance within Lagos State. Its allure lies not only in its luxurious properties and prime location but also in its rich cultural tapestry, historical charm, and tranquil green spaces.

Whether you’re drawn to its exclusive amenities, vibrant social scene, or simply seeking a secure and prestigious place to call home, Ikoyi offers an unparalleled lifestyle experience. From the picturesque waterfront views to the bustling streets lined with top-tier restaurants and boutiques, Ikoyi encapsulates the essence of modern urban living in Nigeria. Embrace the unique allure of Ikoyi and discover why it remains a truly special neighborhood within Lagos State.

Christian Nduaguba